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MAYON VOLCANO ALERT LEVEL4:8-km radius Danger Zone off-limits

In case those who have been following reports on the status of the Mayon Volcano situation look over here a little reminder that it is not a time to start a climb to the top and see whats new:

The danger is still present the mountian still rumbles and shakes

REPORT: (more…)

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Mass grave found in Philippines: ‘killing fields’

A wire report on the rebel purges of the mid to late 1980’s-1990’s is prominent in the news wires abroad. As ‘a alleged’ mass grave filled with “Hundreds of victims” was reported uncovered – some allegedly new – of people the military says were suspected of cooperating with the government was uncovered.

It is not a new story- one that is often under-reported – and often unmentioned by some in the international community who often prefer to highlight Governments alleged abuses whole downplaying those who may have supported or helped government from being victims – such as these here.

[]”…. MANILA, Philippines — Soldiers found mass graves believed to hold the remains of up to 300 people allegedly killed by communist guerrillas in the 1980s during a purge of suspected spies in the Philippines’ remote east, officials said Thursday”.…[]

There are numerous reports on alleged role of those in Uniform and of the Political group’s who are often thought of in these cases. Leading some in government to claim some in media take sides or work to tell only one side of the story.

[]…”Leftist murders spark fear ABS CBN News, Philippines Across the Philippines, masked gunmen on motorcycles have killed scores of left-wing community leaders and Ayunga fears he could be next….'{}

But all forms of this kind of violence by whatever side should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. had this report from about not too long ago – I repost it here:

News image

Special Report

About a Boy

…who lost his parents at age 5, grew up believing in the same revolutionary cause he knew they left him for… only to discover 20 years later that his parents were tortured and buried alive by their own Communist Party comrades on suspicion of being Deep Penetration Agents. —Winona Cueva

Another report deals with anger over ‘tax’ activities of the rebel group in another part of the Philippines by a Congressperson from a cause oriented groups.

[] …”Partylist solon condemn NPAs Philippine Information Agency, Philippine

Akbayan representative Loretta Ann Rosales stood in the plenary on Monday to condemn the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, whose latest …” []

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Help Lebanon:Manila based aid group for OFW’s & Lebanese

googleb4180c9851226a40.html At a meeting held in Manila’s Makati district groups of Filipino & Expat organizations are working together to seek out ways they can Helpl

The goal is to find ways to assist people in Lebanon by doing their part to make themselves available for those people in need. It’s not Politics, here or there. (more…)

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Dry travel time: No liquids on public mass transport

Thirsty commute: No liquids in ships, planes, trains!

It may be a ‘Dry Commute’ for many used to chugging down a fruit drink or coke or Latte en-route to work or on the way home for next few days and weeks as reports say for the time being no fluids or liquids will be allowed on planes, trains, and ships in the country. (more…)

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Mayon Volcano: Worries of Pyroclastic blast wave

Reports from the area around Mayon Volcano are of increased tension among members of the monitoring teams in the area over the reads they are getting on Gas emissions from the Volcano. fears are also being raised on side bulges as well. there lies a danger that could do more than damage the perfect cone- but create a firestorm of superheated Pyroclastic material and superheated gas that would make. (more…)

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The fight over flight security: Nude flights? many feel Naked already

A conversation I overheard while doing a story on airport security. ” But if you take away my PDA and cell phone – I’ll have no brain!” Or as another person says- they will be naked without their laptop. Also no key drives… even SD memory cards. Wallets- this level of security measures makes no sense at all on some levels. There must be a better way- perhaps specail ‘ genuine business traveler ‘ visa and pre-screening for those who travel to keep the global ecconomy alive.

A simple check of travel documents showing a guy say flying from the Bay Area for a silicon valley firm to Manila, Taiwan, and, Hong Kong four times a month – who has say 200 business cards of eletronics firms – taking away his laptop and PDA means 14 hours less productivity and more reasons for these US firms not to locate their firms production facilities so far from home – Mexico or Canada could offer similar incentives to them.

sometimes overkill is best shown by passengers using cameraphones to show the effect:

Perhaps the next thing the TSa will ban will be camera phones so people can not have evideice of the foulups and snafus that happen.

So Asian countries might want to re-check the plan issued on from the USA and UK.perhaps also like in Manila where Business reps from the department of trade and industry often are posted at the airport to make sure these people get where they need to go.Could happen at other places- a simple set of phone calls company ID’s verification of these could be done- and pre-screened travelers – could be set up with airline firms like Star allaince or others.

the recent terror related security measures may lead as some suggestion to drastic measures to prevent terror attacks. Nude flights is one – or hospital gowns – I must admit it will make business class more interesting,

But kidding aside the blog post below is something to look at.

” schmoo on the run by schmook and schmoo · 31 blogs link here

AIRPORT SECURITY CLAMPDOWN IS A FARCE ANYONE could get past the so called ‘security clamp down’ farce now in progress at Heathrow, Gatwick and other…

» Show details”

There is little chance this extreme of nude flights would really happen. But, wouldn’t it be shame now that Hooters air is no more? the idea of No or little carry on items such as say a small belt bag with papers and a few other items would be a good idea. I do not agree however with the no cell phones or pda’s or laptops.

Many are reluctant because of a high level of theft inside airport luggage areas and lost bags and valuable items say a $3000 laptop The best thing that could happen there perhaps is to have screeners make things more capable. the right gear to check, sniff and scan devices. “Mans best friend” still works the best. Dogs, have saved countless lives – oftentimes the mere presence of Dogs at shopping malls and airports make it tough for any but the most effective plotters to get past security teams.

A little comedy:

Another means would be fed ex type pouches available for those who do want to bring items along. checked in- scanned and double scanned- and checked- at the door and handed back at the door of the aircraft.

On my recent flight back here from the USA. I noted nearly everyone had a small electronic device aboard. There are even ideas from some to provide more options in flight for passengers. that was a 14 hour flight across the Pacific – In that time I could write a small novel.

Perhaps another would better to have flights this way- optional no carry flights- one checked in bag and another with full service flights- whole planes- for those who do carry more than the usual. I feel sorry for those who are business travelers- the impact of the loss of data and information and other items say samples meant for production lines makes the idea that even in failing this plot has caused millions of dollars in incomes all across the lines.

It might be a good idea to be looked into for business travelers and lord knows how in Asia – stripping away a PDA or Laptop is akin to flying in the nude for many a business traveler or journalist like myself. If I had to hand over my laptop, phone, PDA, camera, etc. I would rather just not go.

The only thing these safety measures does is create a high demand for private jets and charters and smaller aircraft.

Imagine if those people could go to specific pre-flight lines where they could pay more and have a professional scan and check everything?

Naked flights? in a way these are already happening when people in particular business travelers and others face the prospect of being stripped of the very trade items that they need. So even in failure this plot has caused a problem filled week. As even the mere thought of actual planes being destroyed is an unacceptable alternative- but perhaps there are better ways of doing these things.


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Mayon Volcano “anomalous” Quiet: Experts fear Lava channel blocked

After days of constant steam, ash, and gas explosions and minor eruptions – the ” restive Mayon Volcano in Albay ejected ash yesterday afternoon – the 11th time in the last three days – a development which came hours after state scientists reported an “anomalous” decline in volcanic activity.” – TEMPO reports.


The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) officials at 2:07 p.m. wendnesday are unable, reports say to take the right readings- “Cloud cover prevented us from getting an accurate picture of the ash it ejected. But this only shows that the volcano is still undergoing continuous activity,” Renato Solidum Jr., Phivolcs director, told TEMPO.

Per most reports In three days, ‘294 tremors’ or mild eathquakes and “7,629 tons of sulfur dioxide were emitted yesterday.”

Cload cover is part of the reason- a video from before the current state shows how difficult it is to clearly see activities in the area at times for the vulcanologists.


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Methodist church: Campaign vs. Philippine Death Squads

In a statement released through the US based world faith news service the group has begun a campaign to seek the US congress to look into the situation.

While it stops short of calling for a stop or review of all or any aid programs that may be being used to support ‘armed groups’ that have been engaged in political killings.

It does mark the first time a major mainstream religous organization in the USA which counts among its congregration a large number of members both the Republican and Democratcs in congress.

[]… ” Executives of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, said his agency has been monitoring the situation in the Philippines closely and is in contact with church leaders there.

“We are deeply concerned that the human rights conditions there are spiraling out of control,” he said. “There has frequently been evidence of Filipino military involvement in the assassination of pastors and church workers. I urge United Methodists throughout the world to pray for the safety of Filipinos of all faiths.

“Since the United States has great influence in the Philippines, United Methodists here can play a role in ending this violence by contacting their members of Congress and President Bush to ask that all U.S. influence be brought to bear on the government of the Philippines,” Winkler added. “The the persecution and murder of Christians must stop.” …[]

The Philippine Government for it’s part has released numbers and information through it’s national security adviser Norberto Gonzales. Which shows over a period from 2000-2006 that from 2000 to May 2006, ” 1,130 liquidations that resulted to the killing of 1,227 people. Gonzales said the victims include 384 soldiers, policemen and intelligence operatives and 843 civilians.”  Around 320 of the killings are directly linked to political actions of the victims per Governments own reports. 

Gonzales blames CPP-NPA for most extrajudicial killings
Manila Times, Philippines - by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and Gonzales said the victims include 384 soldiers, policemen and said that only 320 of the killings could be  

The cases of these “killings with impunity” and insurgency related actions have brought international attention on the situation.

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Mayon Volcano Evacuation: 30,000+ flee imminent eruption

Mayon Breaking News Update
Reports continue to pour in about Ash Explosions, Tremors, and other sigins of a possible major eruption of the Mayon Volacano in Albay Province.

If a major eurption occurs the effects may be felt in the form of Earthquakes and Ash cloads that might reach nearby areas and even more parts of the Bicol Region.

the Quote of the day has to be – “… ‘Mayon is ready to burst’ – PHIVOLCS Director Renato Solidum.”

[]… ” 34,000 flee imminent Mayon eruption LEGAZPI CITY – Tens of thousands of people were being moved out of their homes in Albay province on Monday in the face of an imminent eruption of the rumbling Mayon volcano, officials said. AFP 8/7/2006 1:22:44 PM ” ….[]

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Mayon Volcano: Alert level 4 raised imminent eruption

20,000 people have been evacuated from the areas surrounding Mayon Volcano in the Philippines fears of a major eruption in days or hours has been raised as Government moves quicky to move people away from the Active volcano after a series of major Ash Explosions Monday Morning in Manila.

Mayon Volcano Bulletin

07 August 2006

8:00 AM (+8GMT)


This announcement advises all concerned that PHIVOLCS is now raising the alert status of Mayon Volcano (13.2576°N, 123.6856°E) to ALERT LEVEL 4. This means that a hazardous explosive eruption is imminent and the effects of such an eruption could severely impact certain areas around Mayon.

To prevent undue harm to the public, an EXTENDED DANGER ZONE (EDZ), defined as an area within Eight (8) kilometers from the summit crater located in the southern sector, is now recommended. The following localities are included in the EDZ:

  1. Barangays Anoling and downstream areas including Tinuburan, Sua, Upper Quirangay, Salugan, and Upper Cabangan of Camalig Municipality,

  1. Barangays Miisi and areas to its south including Budiao, Matnog and Bañadero of Daraga Municipality; Mabinit, Bonga, Matanag, and Buyuan of Legaspi City.

At other portions around Mayon, the following areas, within Seven (7) kilometers of the crater, should be evacuated:

  1. Barangay Baligang, of Ligao.
  2. Barangays Bonot, Magapo, Oson part of Buhian and Comon of Tabaco Municipality,
  3. Barangays Canaway, Calbayog and part of San Roque of Malilipot Municipality,
  4. Barangays Lidong, Fidel Surtida, San Isidro, Sta. Misericordia, and San Antonio of Sto. Domingo Municipality.

Areas just outside of these Barangays should prepare for evacuation in the event explosive eruptions intensify. Notice to evacuate shall be recommended by PHIVOLCS for implementation according to PDCC’s action plans.


Volcano Activy report from Philippine Government PHILVOLCS 


Philippines fears imminent eruption at volcano, UK - Mayon volcano in the central Philippines has been spewing lava and boulders the size of cars since last month, leaving a bubbling, pyrotechnic trail more than
Alert level 4 raised in Mayon Volcano ABS CBN News
Lava now flows on Mayon’s Bonga Gully Manila Bulletin
06 – DPWH urges dredging of Mayon Volcano channels

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