Mission Possible: Stolen American chopper recovered in Mindanao, Philippines

13 bikes, 3 ATVs, SUVs, sports cars, guns galore and more recovered in a major raid. Second raid recovers around two dozen more bikes. NBI in Northern Mindanao identifies alleged owner of car dealerships as professional rider and car & bike dealer, report says 25 cars and 18 bikes recovered in major transpacific anti-grand theft auto raid.

One mans search for his unique Martin Bro’s custom ride leads to major bike gang GTA bust in Mindanao. PHOTO Law Enforcement handout

The story reads like a plot for Die Hard Six, for Skip Woods, the writer of Die Hard 5, GI Joe The Rise of Cobra, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.It’s often said the best stories are true to life. For the plot,  which would also fit on Fox’s ‘The Good Guys’, it starts from the simple recovery of a stolen vehicle —  a motorcycle,  a Martin Brothers original. Key figures:  a ‘major writer’  based in Texas who works in  Hollywood.

He loves his bike, a custom Martin Brothers bike. He loved long drives and would head out from wide open spaces in California to flatlands and expanse of open space of the Southwest to Texas. Reality paints a better picture than film here… he and his bike he loved – a man free to roam.

The bike and him were inseparable, then, his bike was stolen in Houston Texas.The writer, Skip Woods, like any other victim went to Police, who traced the bike theft to a gang that ships expensive American-made motorcycles like Harleys and his Martin Brothers custom to Asia via Mexico and Los Angeles.

One mans search for his unique Martin Bro’s custom ride leads to major bike gang GTA bust in Mindanao. PHOTO: Law Enforcement handout

Not content to go out and buy a new one with insurance money, he hired private investigators, Orion Support Inc., who traced the bike and upon that, the custom bike was seen in Asia in the Philippines.

Tuesday, led by local Philippine National Police Provincial Director  Buboy Mijares, Agent Wency Galindez of NBI Cagayan De Oro, along with US Law enforcement – at least one FBI agent and OSI private invetigators – the team searching for the rare bike found much more than Skip’s bike.


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Houston’s Mindanao car theft connection – mikeinmanila.com

Houston you’ve got a problem: Hot cars, bikes, seized in Mindanao

Cars allegedly among those seized in major US Philipine Anti-GTA operation in Cagayan de Oro.

In what US and Philippine authorities are calling, “One of the most successful joint operations,” versus stolen cars from the USA to Asia; 25 cars and 18 Super-bikes are now in the custody of the Philippine National Police. In total; the National Bureau of Investigation agent in charge for northern Mindanao told a local newspaper in Cagayan de Oro, while Police in Davao City are also looking into if any of the cars or bikes had reached the largest city in Mindanao.

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Pacific Plaza: Abu Sayyaf member ‘security guard’ arrested diplomats raise alarm

In a week that where the death Osama Bin Laden, a mile from Pakistan’s military academy, the world’s most wanted terrorist which raised security concerns over how a top terrorist could have been in a Pakistani military township. In the Philippines, a terrorist was guarding a building where Ameircan, European, and Asian diplomats lived many with their families in a posh heavily-guarded secure condominum.

Another, albeit much lower ranking foot soldier of Al Qaeda, “suspect, Arabani Jakiran, was arrested Thursday at the Pacific Plaza Tower in an upscale part of metropolitian Manila,” a report used by the Fox News channel reported.

‘The Fort district’, Pacific Plaza towers  building, is walking distance from the American cemetary, in Philippine capitol city of Metro Manila – home to the headquarters of the Philippine Army, Navy, and Marines. Authorities are being asked by diplomats and members of the business community how a wanted terrorist could have become an armed uniformed guard at all. Let alone in such a sensitive location. Embassy security personel have moved members of their diplomatic staffs out the building from at least five countries.

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Philippines: Bill and Melinda Gate’s excellent Palawan adventure

Palawan: The Gates at Amanpulo “Bill and Melinda’s” awesome adventure

Bill and Melinda Gates arriving in Manila – photo was tagged to me on a social networking site by a anonymous source.

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend for Bill and Melinda at the ultra-plush seven star Amanpulo resort in the province I call home here in the Philippines. But, even the best kept secrets have a way of leaking and when one of the worlds richest and most influential men drop into the country for a quiet weekend with his wife and friends the social network happy and blogspere of the Philippines won’t let the story pass unnoticed.

Bill and Melinda, arrived quietly on friday for what seems to have been a very happy weekend; what they did, where they went, and whom they saw was supposed to be private.

But another guest at the resort -a philippine construction king’s family as well his and friends were there and now the secrets out of the bag.

Well one can’t blame katrina razon who just announced in a simple tweet on the 26th about Bill and Melinda’s, awesome adventure


Bill and Melinda’s adventure starts with a private jet arrival at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

More at http://www.mikeinmanila.com

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NYTimes baffled as Fox continues to dominate CNN…


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[27 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]

The thing people reading the New York Times media and advertising review section of the papers website might wonder about it why and how? Fox News, the currently embattled news leader and setter of the national news cycle in the USA has its finger on the pulse of people’s views. The network commentators and talk shows go on the fringe and make some cringe but basically they know what people like and are getting the numbers that CNN, the major broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC have not been able to …

I’ve been a little busy on m hosted site have not been paying too much attention to the wordpress blogs and blogger side of the blog world…
here’s a few links to some stories I wrote or posted or tweeted on recently….



Source: mikeinmanila.info
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva of the Kingdom of Thailand welcomes President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo upon her arrival at the lobby of the Royal Dusit Hall in Hua Hin, Thailand before she attended the 4th East Asia Summit Sunday, (October 25, 2009). …


Mike in Manila » Blog Archive » FoxNews in first place CNN last:Network lost as people look for news
Source: mikeinmanila.info
The thing people reading the New York Times media and advertising review section of the papers website might wonder about it why and how?Fox News, the currently embattled news leader and setter of the national news cycle in the USA has its finger on the pulse of people’s views. …



Source: mikeinmanila.info
The Obama administration may be having its battles on numnerous fronts from Health care to “wealth reform” as some see the sweeping attempts at change and social politics and policies in the …
Other recent posts on the http://www.mikeinmanila.info and http://www.mikeinmanila.com

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PGMA:”Heartfelt thanks to Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry assistance to victims of typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng,”President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo commended today the country’s business sector for the assistance it extended the government in the relief and rehabilitation work.
“My heartfelt thanks to to the members of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), its provincial and regional chapters, and its other affiliate business chambers for their assistance to the victims of typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng,” the President said at the 35th Philippine Business Conference) PBC and Expo at the Manila Hotel this afternoon.  The President asked PCCI and its members to help the government cope …


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[21 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]
Ricky Reyes, PGMA, &, TESDA: Team up for jobs for Typhoon victimsHairstylist Ricky Reyes supports GMA’s job creation project for typhoon victims
A famous hairstylist has thrown his support behind the effort of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to help typhoon victims get back on their feet. Ricky Reyes, president of the Filipino Hairdressers Cooperative (FilHairCoop), said his group is holding training courses for interested residents displaced by the flooding brought by Ondoy in Metro Manila and Pepeng in Northern Luzon.
A total of 10,000 young men and women will benefit from the program in Region 1, Region 2, and the Cordillera Autonomous Region. President …


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“The World is here to help… Philippine storm victims not alone” -UN-WFP executive director Josette SheeranCANDABA, Pampanga – The United Nations-World Food Program (UN-WFP) assured President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo today the whole world is united in helping victims of typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng.”
“The WFP will always be here to support the government of the people of the Philippines to recover and rebuild and to make sure (they receive) basic necessities from us,”
UN-WFP executive director Josette Sheeran said in her opening statement.  Sheeran said the United Nations still believes in the strong spirit of the Filipino people to recover from the tragedy because “the Filipino people are …


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Fast and furious: Typhoon Mirinae aka Santi headed to Philippines

Typhoon Mirinae (Santi): Enters Philippines AOR on Beeline to Manila a new storm fast and furious

28 October 2009 No Comment

JTWC-Mirinae (Santi)As if the Philippines has not had enough of bad weather the US Navy and US Air Force Joint typhoon warning center is forecasting a direct path to Manila for a new Typhoon with a international name Mirinae, the Korean word for ‘Galaxy’,

The Storm is forecast by Military and Civilian meteorologists to be in general vicinity of Manila by Halloween evening, meaning that a fast moving storm may the one knocking on doors in the Philippines instead of  kids trick or treating and the rap tap tapping on the chanber door may be people telling residents to head for higher ground, if anything is consolation the storm being fast moving means a quick slam-bam-thank-you ma’am hit which in disaster terms is often kinder than a prolonged deluge that no one in the country wants to see more off.

The Typhoon is a medium sized one and its path taking it towards manila comes at a bad time for thousands who have just cleaned away debris from flood waters. Lake levels and dams have somewhat normalized at this time a week of hot dry weather with only occasional showers has had a impact on the water levels.

The other consolation is the three weeks of storms as well as constant pounding has brought the alert levels up for disaster awareness teams and those who deal with rescue and response. The season still has till February to go the last few years have relatively spared the capitol region in the past but the wave of storms is actually quite typical in number albeit these have come earlier than normal for the country.

In comparison at this time before Typhoon Lupits approach to the country, Manila’s NDCC was already posting advisories and taking steps. Plans so well laid out that at the end of the day – no one died – no one needed to be rescued and even if the storm did not hit but a small portion of the Northern most tip of Luzon.

Ramil’s preventive steps perhaps – but I hope not – will not allow some to fall back to complacency and being prepared for worst made for the best of news – even for me a journalist – who basically earns from bad news. (Sorry but – if it bleeds it leads! Sad but true in the news biz!) became a non-story for a change.

Ramil final NDCC Situational Update
A. Affected Population/Pre-emptive Evacuation of Population (Details in Tab A)
· A total of 1,271 families / 5,239 persons conducted pre-emptive evacuation in 43
barangays, 19 municipalities and 2 cities in 7 provinces of Regions I, II and CAR
Reg/Prov/City No. of NO. OF AFFECTED
Affected FAM PERS
I – Ilocos Norte, La Union,
Pangasinan (Dagupan City)
12 390 1,370 0
II – Cagayan, Isabela 13 433 1,852 0
CAR – Benguet, Mt. Province 18 448 2,017 19
· As of 24 October, evacuees had returned to their homes except in the
Province of Benguet where 402 families / 1,866 persons are still inside 19
evacuation centers
Ramil Damage
· In Region II, forty-five (45) houses were damaged, with 16 totally and 29 partially
all in Aparri, Cagayan, to include three (3) houses were totally damaged when a
20-meter seawall collapsed in San Antonio, Aparri, Cagayan on 20 October due to
storm surge causing 65 families / 182 persons to evacuate: 41 families/78 persons at
Brgy. Maura and 24 families/104 persons at Brgy San Antonio
Typhoon Santi headed to towards Luzon but will not affect the country in next 24 hours per PAGASATyphoon Santi headed to towards Luzon but will not affect the country in next 24 hours per PAGASA

PAGASA Warning:  Mirinae to be named ‘Santi’ once it enters RP area of responsibility

The Typhoon East of Central Luzon has entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility and was named “SANTI”.
Location of Center:
(as of 10:00 p.m.)
1,210 km East of Casiguran, Aurora
Coordinates: 16.3°N, 135.0°E
Strength: Maximum sustained winds of 140 kph near the center
and gustiness of up to 170 kph
Movement: West at 24 kph
Forecast Positions/Outlook: Thursday evening:
710 km East of Casiguran, Aurora
Friday evening:
250 km East of Casiguran, Aurora
Saturday evening:
50 km East of Dagupan City or
30 km South of Baguio City
No Public Storm Warning Signals Raised
This disturbance will not affect any part of the country within the next 24 hours.The public and the disaster coordinating councils concerned are advised to take appropriate actions and watch for the next bulletin to be issued at 11 a.m. tomorrow.

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PGMA: Narco-Political influence in Philippine politics must be defeated

In the run-up to the 2010 polls in the country one group is often overlooked by Political analysts in general and media as a whole. It is a dark side of politics, the criminal gangs who know having a strong influence on political funding directly or via proxy allows them to carry on with the deadly trade of death that is illegal and has for some time been a serious almost incurable cancer that fuels corruption, crime and truly destroys society.

The drugs that poisons our youth and through enablers in power whose corruption turns a blind eye or tawrts efforts to allow them to ply the trade that is for most Filipino families a product that is the root of all evil and sum of all fear of every parent . Philippine government is already waging a war against “narco-politics” which is happening in the country and as election time nears rears its ugly head.

As the focus moves in media towards the 2010 national and local elections few major reports seem to be covering it. One wonders why little attention is paid to the the fact that there is a narcotics cabal of organized crime in our midst and they do influence media and government if not in cash – then in kind- I remember a coverage I did and the reply of senior NARCOM official on the drug gangs influence on society. The general who has pass away told me on background to not look so far away – that media itself was influenced by the narcotics trade.

The general told me, “If drug tests on broadcast journalists, columnists, and, editors were conducted I wonder how many would pass? and if any would take them if the results were made public? “Yes, I think in a at least a few cases off hand the reality that drug use in media outlets exist must be admitted. But then again the problem is throughout society.

The late general also admitted that aside from the Media which is a mirror of society; Government agencies, even the Police force has problems with some members addicted to narcotics. But the general went on to say, “Media however is a scary thought, since it shapes public opinion,” and he added “When in some few cases at a editorial board meeting or story conference more than just the days reports are passed around behind closed doors one wonders what kind of reporting happens in a cloud of smoke or if the razor lines of a mirror are present.” The General never went into too many details he later was transferred out of NARCOM to another PNP unti and passed away. He never identified anyone in particular but hinted that back in 90’s the problem of nacro-politics and influence was wide-spread.

In a news release – Deputy presidential spokeswoman Lorelei Fajardo said President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Malacañang. “Are alarmed on the possible use of drug money to influence the outcome of the elections next year.”  Fajardo said that, “President Arroyo was very much concerned over the possibility of “narco-politics” occurring in the country and showing its influence in the 2010 elections, particularly at the local level.”

She added that there are “Some corrupt politicians who are using drug money so they can push their political ambitions to be able to get a juicy government positions.” noting the key word some – and not seeking to elaborate on identities.

“Our political leaders, especially local government officials, should partner with President Arroyo or the national government in the all-out war against illegal drugs,” adding further that in light of this people should come forward and report those involved to expose them. ”If there is evidence that politicians are behind these kind of sickening activities, they will not be spared no matter how far and wide their influence is,” she said. ”Mrs. Arroyo is serious in combating this spread of illegal drugs and we cannot discount the possibility that it could be a factor that drug money could be used in the coming elections and we have to do something about that,” Fajardo said.

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