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No mouse in the House!

There is No mouse in this House! No not the one that runs around the one that makes my PC work!

If there ever was a virus that could be created to do worst damage possible to humans using XP Pro it may have hit me today. Or perhaps in my carelessness, I struck a master delete stroke and I deleted the folder, or someone else, using my computer id.
I still can't figure it out or how, but somehow, my driver file for my mouse is gone from my system.

I stared at my PC trying to remember all the hot keys. I hit F1 for help; then grabbed the mouse to look for a topic. Okay, nothing. Now what?! So I did the old Alt-Tab to shift between windows. I went to Ctrl-Alt-Del to go to Task Manager. I tabbed and tabbed, shifted and shifted but nothing happened. I did the piano on F-keys, i banged away in every combination possible, mixed with all the Alts, Ctrl, Shifts that would have made Beethoven proud; it finally brought down a tab.

Since I had hit so many keys, I tried to remember what to do next so I did an old thing I used to do with my older windows 3.1 (or was it 2.5 or 5.0?!). I hit the key to minimize. It shut down my PC, saving all the setting for whatever piece of keyboard strokes I had done in the process!

I called our resident geek-of-this-condo; he came in after the PC rebooted and powered up. Took one look at my settings and ran screaming down the hallway. I don't know what I had done but there was this screen saying Missile Launch Confirmed. Have a nice day. The rest was in Hindi… oh well…


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Newsflash: Mexico legalizes drug use… may have to put up wall to keep Americans out!

" Mexico's Congress approved a bill Friday decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin for personal use —"

Ok, the headline is bit of a stretch. but I can see it as one solution to a major problem that Mexico has been unable or unwilling to contend with.

i can also see Jay Leno's Tonight Show and those guys from Comedy central's writer's pool and a lot of Hollywood getting ready to write punch lines to jokes; With the same message I had in my headline. While others will be doing it in hotel rooms in Mexico to be there when the bill is signed into law.

" The only remaining step was the signature of President Vicente Fox, whose office indicated he would sign it. Supporters said the law would let police focus on drug smuggling, rather than on busting casual users. The bill also would stiffen many drug-related penalties: for trafficking, for possession near schools, and for possession of even small quantities by government employees." – reports.

I do expect if the law is enacted; a lot of those using and abusing the "personal use" law will be Americans and people from other countries who use and abuse drugs. (more…)

April 30, 2006 at 5:38 am 1 comment

Labor group to hold “Job fair” in QC 30,000 jobs up for grabs

No rumor on this one…

I must admit this item below from the TUCP which came out with a press release is osmething that may lessen tension on Labor Day; which aftrall is suppoeed to be workers day.
I condensed the report – it's a different look for the group and something that may change the strategy of others who are fast learning protests and rallies have "lost some appeal" to many workers and the middle class.

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Raid in central Java vs. JI leader “Noordin Top” safehouse 2 dead 2 captured Top still at large:

JI Leader Noordin Top eluded police and military personnel – reports say – and pursuit action is underway in the area of central Java radio reports monitored in Jakarta tonight claim the leader of Jemaah Islamish was able to elude arrest. Radio Reports say two men have been taken in custody, two were killed. (more…)

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Homicide bombings…

Just a rant… or view

In the eyes of some; they are called suicide bombings, but clearly in most cases innocent people are the ones hurt and killed. Fox News often uses the term in my title above

“Homicide bombings”

I think it ought to be used more in media to describe the actions of those who carry out the acts of Terrorism or criminal neglect among Military strikes that go wild kill civilians. While some contend; the terrorist’s actions are not governed by law since it is rebellion. But indeed if there is code of war a Geneva convention shouldn’t there be a code of conduct in guerilla warfare at least where the civilian population is concerned. (more…)

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SUBIC RAPE CASE: Fr. Reuter presents ‘other side’ of the accused – INQ7

I must admit it sets another tone for the issue ; it is always good to hear both sides in an argument from an open mind.

I have to say Father Reuter, has an open mind, there is famous story about him that even though he was in nearly every prison camp during world war two and suffered through that things unthinkable to even have seen.

After the war he was one of the most vocal people that humane treatment be given in some cases the very Japanese soldiers who worked in the camps where he was held and suffered in.

He is a truly a servant of God; doing his job. I wish there were more like him. In the whole story he never tried to say anything either way; for or against the men. He amazes me and I must admit he is not in a position many others would want to be in. You can read it here. (more…)

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Plots and denials

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Alert levels up… Plots thicken…

Police on high alert reports of dawn to dusk major protests and actions here in manila

PHILIPPINE security forces were placed on high alert today ahead of a planned May 1 Labour Day rally in Manila calling for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Police are worried afterall this is coming on the heels; of reports and a raid on safehouse that there have been attempts by JI-ASG teams to target the crowds h a team of bombers is at large and police are worried they may attempt to create chaos in the Philippine capital and target the crowds.
Also there is a alleged new plot called operation mangagawa which is a threat developing from police claim ;NPA rebels and right wing mutinous solders who attempted already two coups but have so far failed.

"We will go on full alert today for the May 1 celebrations," said Manila police chief Vidal Querol. "We will exert maximum tolerance against the protesters. I can assure you that violence will not come from the police ranks."Mr Querol said about 5000 anti-riot police officers would be deployed in the capital" The Australain reports on its website.

May Plot? what plot? says Gringo aide

Being the fair and balanced correspondent I am; even on a blog-
A aide to former Sen. Gregorio Honasan denied today any plot or role of the group headed by the now fugitve ex-senator, ex-soldier, and in the words of his "aide" one more title "ex-coup plotter." the retired Col. Ernesto Macahiya told DZMM radio in a report carried by the fastest name in philippine news on the web

An aide of former senator Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan who was arrested Friday for allegedly taking part in destabilization efforts against President Arroyo denied his group was planning to sow terror during Labor Day rallies on Monday, DZMM reported Saturday.
Retired colonel Ernesto Macahiya said the Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc. (PGBI) will not join mass demonstrations in celebration of Labor Day. Macahiya is PGBI spokesman.

He also dismissed accusations that the Honasan-led PGBI is involved in efforts to overthrow the Arroyo administration.


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