Homicide bombings…

April 30, 2006 at 1:23 am Leave a comment

Just a rant… or view

In the eyes of some; they are called suicide bombings, but clearly in most cases innocent people are the ones hurt and killed. Fox News often uses the term in my title above

“Homicide bombings”

I think it ought to be used more in media to describe the actions of those who carry out the acts of Terrorism or criminal neglect among Military strikes that go wild kill civilians. While some contend; the terrorist’s actions are not governed by law since it is rebellion. But indeed if there is code of war a Geneva convention shouldn’t there be a code of conduct in guerilla warfare at least where the civilian population is concerned.

Since after all “Murder bombings”, might set it on a different legal path.

But a crime on the UN books “Homicide bombings” has better and more accurate legal view of things like this – and perhaps if it were described as such in media it might give people a clearer picture of what happens. .

It is sometimes also called by the people who do the actions – Martyrdom operations like in the sentence below used by a Al Qaeda leader to describe actions in Iraq..

"Al Qaeda in Iraq alone has carried out 800 ‘martyrdom operations’ in three years, "

But with reports of over 11,000 acts of terrorism and tens of thousands of deaths perhaps a new crime of ‘global terrorism or homicidal attack’ similar to the laws the world once passed versus Pirates in the 18th century or slave traders in the 19th; making these crimes globally punishable by whatever court they were heard in, make it a new crime against “Humanity”.

But do not limit it also to just the rebels; Governments and Troops of forces engaged also should be made to fall under these types of indemnity.

So if a "Collateral damage" is excessive or worse yet as has happened in the past if faulty intelligence causes a “mistaken strike” that kills dozens of people

All involved from the Military Commanders who carried out the actions to the orders Civilian leaders should also have to face similar offences. Violence in extreme should be crime; Now it is just a thought on a blog..

After all deliberately targeting civilians in war time is a war crime – and all wars do end cannot some form of law be enacted to make sure the innocent are given justice if indeed there are excesses on either side?


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