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How I sometimes wish I or other here in Manila could do something like this here below;

OK the accuracy in media website sometimes sits of the right field a bit on issues; but wouldn't it be nice if there could be a place one could review and critique news reports.

Lets face it, at times it makes one wonder as some reporting is great and others seem to have still be in motion as a spin cycle winds down. I mean no one is perfect with a entire story – but still I wish there was a Manila or Asia chapter to this service below:

Examples From AIM website: look at the idea though; as some of the stuff boarders on the xenophobic ; perhaps it might be something worth looking into for journalism here in Asia – watchdogs though need often to be watched or they stray… 


AIM Report: Media Create Civil War in Iraq – April B
April 19, 2006

At a March 7 press conference, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld could barely contain his disgust with the media's reporting and their failure to correct inaccurate reports, as he spat a list of their inaccuracies and exaggerations back at them.


AIM Report: British Media Invade the U.S. – April A
April 12, 2006

Two immensely influential and politically motivated British news organizations are currently establishing serious bridgeheads in the United States, namely: the world's most influential news broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation; and its mentor: the scheming, anti-conservative, anti-American ideologue The Guardian.


AIM Report: The Hollywood Left and the Real Blacklist – March B
March 23, 2006

Hollywood's film colony has had a long romance with the Left. Today's Hollywood, with the help of the "mainstream" media, regularly savages those who stand up to America's enemies.


AIM Report: Media Reports Connect Saddam to 9/11 Plot – March A
March 9, 2006

The 9/11 Commission report tells us in detail that the terrorist attacks on America on 9/11 were set in motion in December 1998. This also happens to be the time period that Iraq came under bombardment by the United States. The timing is no accident.


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