Blog view: Iraq is not another Vietnam war… but:

May 12, 2006 at 8:25 am Leave a comment

Interesting view from the "left coast" on the War in Iraq; the ussauly anti-everything Bay area paper to its credit did publish a op-ed peice from a Democrat who claims he understands why however things seem Iraq is not another Vietnam.

Excerpts: from
"A powerful justification of why he still supports our nation's course in Iraq, why this is NOT another Vietnam, and what is wrong with the morally-superior tone of today's outraged, hyperbolic anti-war Left. Americans have struggled hard with the issue of Iraq, whether they are Democrats (I include myself) or Republicans, liberals or conservatives….a dilemma that helps to explain why Bush's war policies have been met more often with muted and passive alienation than large-scale activism. Another reason is that Iraq is not Vietnam. "The Vietnamese did not carry out suicide attacks on their own people," the New York Times columnist David Brooks has pointed out, "or go around the world rioting over cartoons or fly planes into skyscrapers." The war in Iraq has an element of "existential menace" that Vietnam did not have."

Being counter balanced in this thought:

 Dusty Doggie has another view of things on his blog;

"I read the news today, oh boy." – We're in trouble.

" Oil prices are through the roof, the gap between rich and poor is shameful, the holding of detainees in Gitmo even though the US knows they're innocent, the record profits to pharmaceutical companies and the oil industries and the CEO's everywhere, the 45,000 Americans with no health coverage, on and on and on……… Sometimes, I just feel disheartened. Sometimes, I just get hopelessly frustrated. Sometime, I wonder why I even bother. This is one of those sometimes…."

Both site have very different views and show how cyberspace can be a good place for point and counterpoint… its good to read and listen to all sides…  


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