Myspace legislation:US Congress reacting to May 1 protests ? Bill filed to censor MySpace!

May 12, 2006 at 6:04 pm Leave a comment

A bill in the US congress has been filed to clamp down on sites like Fraudster, Myspace, and other chat and web based networking websites.

"The bill known as the "The Deleting Online Predators Act" introduced by Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., aims at protecting minors from online child predators." UPI

On the surface – it is supposed to restrict the access of children to these sites without adult supervision in public places – I can understand that – but; it is like a king ordering the waves on the ocean to stop while standing on a beach.

technology or legal issues can be worked around any law online- by going beyound – juresdiction- by merely taking a site 'offshore'.

Hence- the best of intentions this law has… in implimentation will not affect the way predators search and seek out victims.

Technology is at point where 'web enabled cell phones' and IM service providers who have worked web access onto a myriad set of devices- Game-boys. Nintendo's, X-box portables, and Sony PSP networked games; that have chat and communication and web functions built into them. These alone are not covered in the bill.
Something better than a bill to censor the engine of free speech that myspace and the web social communities – have become – is what is needed.

A much stronger set of penalties is needed versus the child predators- make them extinct.

All nations across the globe agree that their greatest natural resource are their young , the children , the future.

Hence if you want to protect them – As parents, be strict – by monitoring all forms of interaction virtual or verbal or in real world terms. Teach them not too talk to anyone they do not know online, the old "Don't talk to strangers" rule works.
It may be old schooled – but make them like they would if a new friend comes over to ask if they can come out to play- make it rule for them – know the people they talk to online.

Also require a review of chats- put in software or auto-alerts if new users attempt to contact – that you will be automatically emailed; and just as if they were out playing a park near home or going to party – make sure there is supervision.

Or no web, no going out, no chaperons no.

Now they do have a point on this bill on the issue of predators- but -bottom line all the sites would need to do is move beyond borders with off shore servers and congress can legislate; by all means ban the sites in schools and Public libraries and Government computers which should be supervised anyway. BUT; any major restrictions could be used in other places as form of censorship. In many places sites like myspace, friendster, and yes things like this blog, provide a measure of 'free space'a balance to state control of free speech.
But: why not do something more direct; a make harming a child in the United States Federal Crime, make habitual or repeat offenders pay the ultimate price – the death penalty for predators and child rapists.

Censoring Myspace- or other sites – seems all too much like curtailing free speech for other reasons – like trying to make sure no one can use the sites to organize grass roots protests or speak out against government and ask for a redress of grievances as is stated in the constitution.

Or perhaps that is the real intension of this bill – to plug up voices of free speech online and prevent a repeat of protests. Or make sure only the 'right' views are the only voices heard online.

Say it ain’t so-….


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