Philippine Death Squads: International ‘think tank’ & UNESCO monitoring ‘Dangerous Islands’

May 20, 2006 at 12:20 am Leave a comment

The numbers of killings taking place in this country versus Political Activists and Journalists is noted on a report of the normally conservative private think tank STRATFOR For the first time I have seen at least; a indication that even conservative think tanks have been watching the activities with interest.

Philippines: Left-Wing Leader Killed
May 19, 2006 15 43 GMT

The leader of Filipino left-wing Kaisa Ka women's group and the Movement for National Democracy was killed May 19. Annaliza Abanador was shot by unidentified gunmen in the latest in a string of killings targeting political activists and journalists in the Philippines. Local human rights group Karapatan has listed nearly 600 civilians, mostly left-wing activists, killed by suspected government forces since 2001. The military, which refers to left-wing groups as fronts for communist rebels, has denied involvement in the killings.- Stratfor report

However the web site report is also not taking into account those on the right wing and military killed in similar small unit target assasinations. Nor the killings by "vigilante' groups in Davao, Cebu, and elsewhere.

Overall statisitics of numbers of people killed in Insurgency related violence – a source told me if all the figures are added a marked escalation can be seen for the first six months of this year.

Even the UN education service UNESCO and also UNHCR is adding its voice to the situation:

“When violence poses a permanent threat for journalists, it poses a threat to the whole of society,” UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura said in a statement. “When crimes against journalists remain unpunished, the future of a country is endangered and organized crime or corruption become the main beneficiaries of this impunity.”

Albert Orsolino was shot and killed by in his car in Calooncan City by two unknown assailants on 16 May and Mr. Matsuura reiterated his concern over the particularly violent conditions under which journalists work in the Philippines.- UNSECO STATEMENT

Meanwhile one side of the Government security services seems to be toning down a statement on allegations of a NPA and rougue Military officers plot to target highly placed officails though a uraban Assasination squad leading to some confusion.

The Armed Forces chief and Police inteligence units are looking into reports quoting the Philippines National Security advisor claiming a top level insurgent leadership plot to Assasinate both Administraition and Opposition leaders. While not dismissing a statement of the Philippines National Security advisor on the mater the Military seems to be looking into the situation intently.


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The Dangerous islands: killing spree continues Philippine Death Squads: Government & Rebels both point fingers

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