“In politics stupidity is not a handicap” — Napoleon

May 26, 2006 at 6:36 pm 1 comment

If you thought Philippine politics is well exciting and a little stressful… look at these cases and issues in the rest of the world

In the UK a parliament member is anything but a gentleman peer to his PM as his words soundly said here would merit a warrant of arrest for inciting rebellion or grave threats.

MP George Galloway… perhaps unknowingly is the best example of the saying
” In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” by Napoleon… his most recent quip was to advocate a act of terrorism and justify it versus his own had of state. In a word the MP committed Treason.
I wont even dignify the comment – but an excerpt from the Article is below:

[]… Mr Blair’s decision to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Ten thousand Osama bin Ladens have been created at least by the events of the last two years,” he told MPs in the Commons that day. …[]

But Iraq and Afghanistan are major problems for B-1 & B-2 as Bush and Blair are being called of late like the Banana’s in Pajama’s these two seem to be slowly coming to realize Wars do need to end at some point but the problem with that is it is often easy to get into these things and hard to get out of them.

Meanwhile the scandals of local political accusations of corruption are no match right now for the US Congress and FBI war that is brewing in Washington DC. President Bush has had to step in

Washington is awash in every kind of scandal of late – this latest one seems to be shocker that has many people up in arms over a search by the FBI in the Rayburn building. I wonder what the next FBI Budget hearing will be like – some are calling for a sweeping review of many functions of the agency and other Federal offices and Prosecutors that have become almost Governments unto and of themselves- at least that’s what some congressmen are saying….

The White House has problems of its own as it is being seen as the instigator of the breech of constitutional separation of powers.

Then there’s Lean Arragoncillo’s old boss- Dick Cheney…

[] … If a prosecutor calls him as a witness, Vice President Dick Cheney probably can’t avoid testifying in his former chief of staff’s perjury trial, legal experts said Thursday. “There may be significant issues of executive privilege and significant issues of classified information. But there are obviously significant factual issues that bear on the charges the prosecutor has brought” in the CIA leak investigation, said former federal prosecutor E. Lawrence Barcella Jr. …[]

Now how come prosecutors never called the two former VEEPS and Condi Rice in to testify in the case of Aragoncillo – in his application to the FBI – per family members statements the three were character references on his FBI application as a analyst!

I was asked in a blog comments section why don’t you do more reporting on all the stuff happening here in Manila- by international standards with a few exceptions – the antics of the big powers political figures seem to dwarf anything happening here.
So by global standards a lot is happening overseas that makes people kind of focused on the issues there in UK and the USA.

Lets just hope the situation doesn’t change overnight and the scene here doesn’t top whats going on in London or Washington. As much as I need the work… the mess they are in there tops anything happening here.


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