‘Most people get ahead during the time that others waste.’ H. Ford

May 26, 2006 at 3:27 am Leave a comment

There is so much truth to the quote above so much that can be said about this that I almost don't want to stop to write a period to my thoughts as they flow out of my mind.

Time it is true is perhaps the only truly non-renewable resource we have in life that we can not go back to. What is it, some claim but a measure but once you use it can you put it up in a jar somewhere and look and say- oh now I need some of this?

No, time is not a thing one can save up for rainy day for it is something that flows by so fast it is almost fleeting as a thought. You can't go back to a particular point and say- oh wait lets do that again.

What is times importance in life, the times of our lives the old Kodak ads used to sign. We can look at pictures and see the changes over time of our lives and how things have been well spent or wasted.

I can – think of so many moments so many periods so many words so many thoughts I wish I had more of 'Time to go back and re-do, re-write, re-arrange thing's or words or peoples thoughts and ideas.

How many of us would like to another moment with a love on now gone- or a few more hours when you were little and could snuggle up in a bed knowing all you had to do that day was play. I want so much to have a time machine so I can go back like in those UPS commercials and tell an earlier self… hey- buy google stock! or Yes, charlie brown the little red headed girl does like you! Or no do not start smoking! Or maybe just maybe spend alittle more time with people I now no longer can spend time with becaus they've gone moved on or well are just no longer with us.

Time it is true is element we cannot really measure- we hve so little of it in this life that there is little we can do to not waste it.

Looking forward how do I spend the time I have – how do I make time for things I want to do… wasted time… how can I, we, you and or I not waste it.

perhaps… someday I'll figure it out ; I just hope it won't be too late. Or I'll have found time indeed passed by… thinking back to Henry Fords words- I think i'll spend a little less of time here in this blog right now… so I save a little more time. Waste not – want not?


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REPORT:”Arrest in Palawan Broadcasters killing solves Batul case”:PNP

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