Kuwait: “Kulam” alleged versus pinay maid…

June 3, 2006 at 5:32 pm Leave a comment

Superstition is always a major problem in countries where there is a high level of illiteracy, insecurity, and, bigotry. I almost cant believe this one but then I think back to the 'shop' I used to work in and wonder what led us to air all those stories about magkulkulams and kabagbalahan – or witches, witchcraft, and, weirdness.

In Kuwait a poor lass is now being accused by a Arab family of having been cursed by their Filipino maid! Oh-boy… I can almost laugh then wonder about it- sure there are those in this country who practise the rituals and craft of the dark village shamans and sorceresses and the albolaryo biz is indeed something that does feed on the superstitions of the past – but- to actually see a Arab TV Network air a story and another set of channels in the middle east also follow up with more on the subject and major newspapers follow-on with long reports on the subject one wonders whats next?

Anyhow… at least its a story for the ABS-CBN middle east bureau to look into… or for the local albolaryo to cook up some business in… oh well… who says wealth educates and enlightens – for all the money in world flowing into the region you would think the Emirs would spend some on defeating the ignorance that breeds such nonsense.

But then- if the level of education was raised in Kuwaiti villages and cities- such a shame.

the story is here:


[] …

Kuwaiti family 'cursed' after Filipina 'sorceress' moves in


KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti family revealed that disasters started occurring in their house after they brought a Filipina maid to their house in Sabah Al-Salem area. The eldest son divorced his wife, the mother was taken to hospital, the youngest sister was taken to hospital three times in one month, the youngest son (who was an outstanding student) did not pass any subject in his exams, the father died, one of the brothers isolated himself in his room in order not to see anybody and a fire broke out on the roof of the house. The family remembered that that these events started after the arrival of the maid. The family searched her room and discovered items used in sorcery. She had been in the country for less than three months. The family reported the matter to police. However, the family was told that they could not file a case because they could not prove that the items were used for witchcraft. As a result, the family decided to have the woman deported back to the Philippines. Later, the family said that everything returned to normal — the son returned to his wife and the outstanding student continued as usual, reported Al-Anba. …..[]


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