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UN scandal: UN orders staff not to cooperate with Dili massacre investigation

A Filipino police officer who is still in critical condition in a hospital and along with twenty others injured cannot count on the UN for assistance in the investigation trying to catch the murderers who massacred Police officers in Dili.

Even to though the Massacare is the key element that is believed to have led to riots and anarchy in Dil; a massive cover up is underway with memrandum issued to UN staff who witnessed and saw and even in some cases took pictures of the six men who in cold blood killed a half dozen. Reports from both East Timor and Australia have revealed.

[] … "A letter from the UN's deputy representative in Timor, Pakistani General Anis Bajwa, had been circulated to all staff, including employees evacuated to Australia, directing them not to assist AFP detectives investigating the worst atrocity since the violence of 1999". …[] The Age reports
Based on the reports a Pakistani UN Police commander actions led the injuries and put his men in the line of fire – and right into the murderous bands hands.

The sudden order to all UN staff in east timor has raised the spectare that the Pakistanti Police chief actions and failure to comprehend what the armed bands would do even if he was warned led the deahs of those unarmed police.

[]… "He was told by all his advisers not to take them out there, but he would not listen," sources close to the investigation said. "He kept insisting the presence of the UN could protect them." …[] The Age

Witness reports say he even ordered the Pinoy peacekeepers to be 'disarmed' – something reportedly they refussed to do – perhaps the only reason they got out alive. and managed to get the injured out. Noiw come the deputy cheif of Pakaistani orgin and also a military man ordering staff not cooperate with the investigation being conducted by Australian Federal Police in the area at East Timors request to do an impartial investigation.
[]… UN order fuels cover-up claim, Australia –
100m from their headquarters when two soldiers opened fire, killing 12 officers and wounding at least 20, including UN police protectors from the Philippines. …[]

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New Security agreement between RP-US ‘debate begins’ & the ‘De Venecia’ code poster!

On one hand the Executive branch says the new deal is a not a major shift but mearly a definition of roles and terms under existing treaties. On the other hand the Philippine senate says the people through the Senate have the right of review over all maters pertaining to new treaties as defined by the constitution.

[] …. Feud brews over new RP pact with US

Sun.Star, The Philippines Department of Justice (DOJ) insisted that the new security agreement reached between the Philippines and the US is an executive agreement thus it does not []

[]… THE AGREEMENT between the Philippines and the United States to set up a Security Engagement Board (SEB) for “nontraditional security concerns” like terrorism and pandemic outbreaks should be ratified by the Senate before it can be implemented, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago said … []

[] … The Philippines and the United States Establish Security Engagement Board

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo, Defense Secretary Avelino J. Cruz, Jr., and US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie A. Kenney announced the establishment of the Security Engagement Board (SEB), a new security consultative mechanism for RP-US cooperation on non-traditional security concerns. Full Story … []

Based on the statements all parties have points – it is "a new board" – under an existing treaty so not a new treaty.

However in fairness to the mandate the senate has to review all international agreements under the concept of the right of the people to see any agreements entered into on their behalf.

A review is within the realm of law. EO 464 does not exempt agreements from appearing before the chamber.
Afterall the key element of democracy is checks and balance. At a time when the autonomy of the diplomat, technocrat, and, soldier in the USA is increasingly being reviewed by the US Senate and House.

The Autonomous extent of those government being reviewed – and I mean – in this case both in the USA or here when security concerns or intelligence issues are raised is one aspect of Democracy that cannot be ignored. Even if only at closed door senate level if security concerns are raised that may be sensitive.


Speaking of the sensitive a new poster out is all the rage on cell phones, forums, and, blogs

I wonder if the writers of my old channel Studio 23's Wazup-Whats-up are going to do a documentary on this topic.

It sure would be a nice though if the show went beyond slapstick huimor and went into real heavy satire. This one below is a perfect realm for them to look into. But would the news spoof show have the guts to do this kind of story? Not just a few laughs but a genuine hard satire of it all. Ala 'Sic o clock news' of old.
I remember when Bad Banana's and Abagan ng Susunood ng Kabatanata on Channel 2; when it started did a great job on the concenpts of the day. No one was spared until 'the onion skined set' put in pressure on some to 'tone it down'.

If there would be a perfect men for a John Stewart "Comedy central of the Philippines" type of show would be in my opinion Mark Logan & Tony Velasquez. that would rate 30 daily it might even come out nightly on the main channel 2.

[]… The De Venecia Code
I KNEW it. Sooner or later, in typical Pinoy parody fashion, the poster of the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s highly controversial book “The Da Vinci Code” will be appropriated to satirize a burning local political issue. … []

 The DeVenecia Code - photo protest vs. charter change

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Terrorists Targeting Toronto Thwarted

Thwarted reports say Mounties tag 17 in major counter terror operation. Links below:

[]…. Toronto Star Coverage:

Seventeen people arrested last night have been charged with terror-related offences, the RCMP said this morning. Six of the adults arrested are from Mississauga, two from Kingston and four from Toronto.

Three tonnes of the fertilizer ammonium nitrate were seized in relation to the alleged plot, three times as much as was used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

The TTC was not a target, the RCMP says.

Men attended 'training camp': Sources (June 3)

Internet monitoring sparked probe (June 3) …. []



[]…  Globe and Mail:

Massive terror attack averted: RCMP(Comment61)

Counterterrorism raids Friday result in 17 arrests; "homegrown" group had plans to attack targets in Ontario, police allege 12:20 PM (Comment61)

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