Human trafficking report: Philippines off US watchlist

June 6, 2006 at 4:27 pm Leave a comment

The Philippines has been working hard on this aspect of the sex trade and crackdown on trafficking as new laws have been enacted to do a lot to stop the pimps and flash traders in the country. Philippines Section of the “2006 Trafficking in Persons Report”

But a lot still has to be done in many parts of the country. Poverty is always cited as major reason for the proliferation of the trade but the aspects that also provide for its growth is corruption and sense by many that it can never defeated in some ways as the oldest profession is something that will always be there. However many do not share this view. there is always a better way. Many centers of the sex trade often cite the controls they put in to make sure that lifestyle choices of some people do not spread beyond certain districts or areas. But in reality this is often claimed by people who make their living off the the vices of others.

However on this blog – I do admit a lot has been done – good first steps towards a eventual goal; however much has to be done. The US removal of the Philippines from its watch of human trafficking countries does indeed mark a step forward. However; one wonders how the US can label countries for 'trafficking and sex trade" when so many of its nationals support it – both at home and abroad – one need not look far go to any street corner in Las Vegas for example and trafficking posters for prostitution dens flood each corner with full color magazine plying the wares of those engaged in this trade.

Perhaps looking inward – if trafficking laws were to followed the US might clean up a little in its own backyard as well – then the rest of the world might have a better example to follow in the long run. Considering the majority of the "Illegal Porn" and trafficking materail in world often goes to the USA for consumption market perhaps more cleaning up is needed at home too -Eh Condie?

[] ….U.S. Releases Annual Trafficking in Persons Report; Philippines Removed from Watch List

Click on photo to see full story

The U.S. State Department’s “2006 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report” removed the Philippines from the Tier 2 Watch List and upgraded it to Tier 2 based on significant improvements made over the … [] US state department press release


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