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Zarqawi killed in a pair of 500 pound bombs that's riped apart the home where he was having a meeting with his spiritual advise- others also arrested in wake of a airstrike 17 total in different parts of Iraq.

Story links below:

The main story links to the actual events behind whats happened the other day in Iraq;
Most-Wanted Iraq Terrorist Al-Zarqawi Dead...

When anyone considers whats happened overall the actions of this person from his whole approach showed him to be even more of violent extremist than some of the leaders of the Taliban – his – goal was complete anarchy in the middle east a blood cleansing – and he was never really seen as anything more than a field commander who did much to use violence beyond the norm.

Some Dems call killing a stunt...  
And there are always the conspiracy theorists who will say the last story- those who disbelieve everything… or put or cast doubts – to them the movie matrix is a reality. 

$25M bounty 'will be honored'... So who get the cash reward- I sure how they don't give it cash poor guys- imagine $25 dollars in CASH- yikes- talk about a heavy scary load. I think fifty or so years down the line the reward winners in the middle east will be revealed- then surprise – many of those in the groups themselves will be those who got the rewards turned- because of cash. Its an old story- but it does work. A number of attack in this country have been foiled by the cash dole-outs – it was the one weapon in Afghanistan used effectively to put the taliban out of power. Greed often defeats ideology in extreme poverty situations.

Al-Qaida vows to continue 'holy war'... 'They' say they will 'carry on the fight'- I wonder for how long? people are tiring in all parts of the world about a war – with – no – ending ;

Even in the middle east there is limit to the never ending battles and street violence- if ithis keeps up it risks much. But there are those cashing in – arms makers. bullet proof vest manufacturers, munitions suppliers, defense and security companies. 

   Father of beheaded man blames Bush...  Well fathers will be fathers – Nick Berg- sad as his case was- did make the ultimate mistake in miscalculating the kindness of strangers and his choice of going to Iraq in the first place- whatever good intentions he may have had- meant he – staying in places outside secure areas – going in without a clear plan – showed that peacemakers while blessed indeed- often end up as Martyred in wars or civil strife. 

AL-ZARQAWI PIONEERED USE OF INTERNET AS TOOL FOR TERROR...Well Zarqawi was chatter and bloggers and used video service upload services and web transfers- the man had tech support to be able to send messages and information – he was not for sure one was camera shy- but by putting his face out there he certainly took the high profile route. 


More wires:

Rumsfeld sees "stunning shock" to al Qaeda network

Qaeda's Iraq leader Zarqawi killed


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Asia’s alleged ‘Osama’ set to walk free in a week ASG links to Oklahoma City Bombing to be formally probed in US Congress?

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