Sesesion talk in the USA: “A liberal confederacy?”

June 10, 2006 at 3:27 am Leave a comment

I read a interesting article a long time back – sure I've seen other post about another civil war in the USA- and also rebel groups feared from some groups- but reading it even an old article like this one – in of all places – the Washington Times.

[] .. Blue States to secede?

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The Washington Times carried this interesting story about how some people think that the Kerry States should secede and join […]


Reports circulating about breakaway movements or dissolution of some states from the union are little more than political wrangling- the chance of success – next to nil – the federal government is empowered to make sure the 50 states do not split up and after all there are no state militia's capable of standing up to the central government and the Dept of Defense ie: the federal army- which is unified. So forget it- but the thought along these lines is becoming a increasing concern for many who view a dormant 'old east' over a ric h western group of states.

So while there may be talk – that is all it is – or mot likely will ever be… Red and Blue and White the colors of the US flag are- and no mater what electoral spin doctor spun up that yarn its all – a yarn- nothing more. But still a subject worth looking into as after-all where there is smoke there is fire so if any embers of dissent are indeed smoldering- the chances of it igniting- should be put down now…

In the artcle of the Washington Times – one can read about some perceptions but its still only that perceptions and ideas… one most likely unlikely event- that many would see as something with little chance of success.

I doubt it at least in this lifetime – one will see it happen… and I'm young!


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