Taong Bayan at Kawal: politcal bombings all ‘Boom’ but little damage from the bangs.

June 10, 2006 at 3:03 am Leave a comment

The group is obscure to say the least one bomb at the grepalife building Makati another bomb in Lubao both of which they claimed responsibility for – it is unclear exactly who or what is the group about.

But any group that uses violence to archive a political end – is either labeled one way or another by law enforcers.

[] …Obscure bombers strike in Lubao
A group calling itself Taong Bayan at Kawal, which owned up to the bombing of the Grepalife Building on Buendia Avenue in Makati, has claimed it also set off the explosion in front of the house of Mayor Dennis Pineda of Lubao, Pampanga, on Friday.
The Manila Times …[] ABS-CBNNews.com

I do remember a few yars back when I was still a reporter in the field when a group was leaving IEDs all over manila – if I was not mistaken they planted a maze of some 34 devices some fake- some real some small devices and some filled only with paint pellets.

That groups name was – Indigenous People's Federal Army (IPFA)

[]…. Aliases: Ad Rev, Indigenous Federal State Army (IFSA)

Founding Philosophy: The Indigenous People's Federal Army (IPFA) is a relatively new terrorist organization that operates in the Philippines. Essentially, the IPFA wants to separate the Philippines into three distinct federal states for Muslims, Christians, and indigenous people. In addition to advocating a separation of ethno-religious groups, the IPFA advocates a federal form of government. As its name implies, the Indigenous People's Federal Army is especially concerned with the plight of the Philippines' indigenous population. The group has vowed to recover ancestral land of specific indigenous groups.

Current Goals: While the Indigenous People's Federal Army has committed several terrorist incidents, none of the attacks resulted in fatalities. The group's objectives for the immediate future are unknown. ….[] Rand corporation data base

That group did do some violent bombings in Mindanao.


But this one Taong Bayan at Kawal – seems to be going after the public perceived sources of discontent:

First – a education plan offices- currently in the news. Then a reputed or alleged gambling figure.. the two known 'attacks' as it were of this group which has been using mostly pyrotechnic devices- a lot of boom but little damage from the bangs.

Classic political messages with few collateral effects. dangerous but a interesting group to follow…
Let's hope like the above IPFA – the group having made its point – disbands – and moves on to less violent politcal activism. However- I dont think we've heard the last of this bunch.


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