Gates and Buffet combine to giveaway $50 Billion!

June 27, 2006 at 3:29 am Leave a comment

Ok… here’s my new goal in life make a lot of money so I can give it all away!

How I wish some I could I can barely send my kids to school… working all the time and pitching stories til the wee hours of the mornings in the hopes one of my editors somewhere out there in this world likes a pitch a poof- I can sleep well … problem is the news biz has changed a lot and there’s a lot of freelance competition there that wasn’t around a few years back. Even here in this spot of the globe.

Anyhow Bill Gates and Warren Buffett teaming up on anything often makes for success the reports are below and I’m sure all over the wires and web and cable TV- so I guess whatever story I can come with from here is going to tossed in the – lets look at that later pile anew.

”  [] …Buffett accelerates philanthropy with Gates gift MarketWatch – NEW YORK (MarketWatch) – Warren Buffett said his $31 billion gift to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fit in with his long-time plan to give his money to

‘Venture philanthropy’ is new buzz in business

MSNBC – Tara Weiss and Hannah Clark. NEW YORK – It’s been a very charitable couple of weeks. First, Microsoft’s Bill Gates announced

Philanthropic desires fuel financial aid Financial Times, UK Beattie and Andrew Jack. The world has watched with admiration as Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, has made his fortune over the years. … []  “

Well in a way I’m happy if it means some people will have better lot in life because these guys give some of what they have made back to society then good so be it!

Another good site I was looking at listed on WordPress as its top blog today was reporting about it on his blog.

[] …Buffett funds Gates’ foundation There aren’t many people in the world that that headline could be written about. But, nice to see Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates joining forces to change the world. You know, I run into quite a few rich people and very few are giving away 85% of their wealth. I hope other people (Ballmer, Jobs, Ellison to name a few in our industry) follow suit. …[]
it’s amazing also how he points out about his site that is raking a bit more than small change for the webcraze of personal dating and meeting. Not quite all the rage here in Asia that much – but there a a few good sites like “… …” which are active here in the Philippines not to mention the there ever filled Yahoo and MSN sites as well as the old reliable Friendster sites.

Looking more about the local blogspace around us in Metro Manila –

Stephen Cuyos, MSC … who his blogsite talks about himself as ” A Filipino MSC priest, who blogs & podcasts about his faith-life experiences, his love for linux and the open source, and about technology from a Christian perspective. Member of the Disciples With Microphones network.” really good stuff in there and a lot effort to get the Lords word out on Pod!

I mean he puts a lot oeffort in his podcasts – not sure what kind of support staff he has but its all good stuff if you need to the words that will make your hearts soar! give his blog a buzz… his top item of course… ‘Da Vinci Code’ nothing new for a while on his site though- but still a lot of good stuff.
” Does it stay close to the original novel? Is it misleading? Is the story faith threatening? These are some of the questions answered by Fr. Peter Malone, an Australian Missionary of the Sacred Heart,”

A US based Pinoy blogger naman – has a view many can ID with when overseas talking about a long treck in the blog – ” malungkotlangtalaga ”

One comment though attempt to perscribe prozak to cure the sadness it seems – must be someone from over there who think Doc’s have all the answers for lifes ills.

Going further from our shores over in SA – South Africa

[] … When there are only two pubs in town – a men’s pub and a sports bar – the whole single and drinking town goes to one place to watch the 9pm World Cup Soccer game on a Saturday night. …[] has an interesting show of life is like at the other end of the globe from here and world cup madness therein— ” Af Life: Small world disorder by Goda on Monday, June 26 2006, African Time ” posted there…

I found it on cute link page on photo-blogger graipic artist cum – poet “atomicvelvetsigh” who thinks they’re in – “Holland, in my mind… hehe ok, I’m from Manila, Philippines”

Great blog I’m almost not worthy to be mentioning these guys on my humble little page I made to bury my blues while awaiting the go or no go of my editors and clients!!!

Anyway at least I have a news home on (shameless plug!!!) But hey… as a working Dad who needs to be mahiyain ano?

Ok gotta go work = work = work and pitch pitch pitch a few new stories… ahhhh.


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