Dirty Harry ” When a naked man is chasing a woman…”

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” When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn’t out collecting for the Red Cross…..”

as the prosecution in in the Subic Rape case presented the victim Nicole on the witness stand a little incident took place outside the halls of the courtroom after an emotion filled day when one of the accused marines called “Nicoles supporters” “Monsters who are victimizing nicole – and that they the $ marines- are victims …” or so what I have read and heard stated says.

Again- these are not maters discussed in the court – but said outside the courthouse- hence not subject to subjudicy nor is it a merit of the case at bar. It seems these are the first words uttered to media by one of the accused.

Perhaps now they want to to tell thier side of the story- perhaps soon we will hear the othr words – because in the silence from them – in this part of the world – silence is often mistaken for remorse and guilt. “Napahiya” “or another term is ” Natameme – nag-sisisi “… in other words silence  as often advised by legal panels  in court cases may be  the best advice for their clients in a court of law.

But- in the court of public opinion – and lets face it whatever the result of this trial guilt or innocense is afterall ther judges role – but – in the minds of the public at large where many groups from many sides of the political and realpolitik and underground groups work this is a battle royal for hearts and minds and perception.

That there would be groups out to ride on the a highly visible case such as this one way or another is to be expected. There are hundreds of thousands of people who dally follow this ongoing trial for many reasons. But the bottom line is perception from what is reported out is something being closely monitored.

As the son of a Zambanguena and a American its an issue that is discussed here at home everyday – you can feel for all sides of the story – as a father myself with sons – it also is every parents nightmare of what if boys get into trouble.

To this day I wonder why this story is so far not being seen as anything more than a ‘B’ level story back in the USA. A crime story – one of many; it has not seen anything more than spot reporting on US TV and occasional features in print – in a country where – all things get thrown aside for a missing girl in Aruba- and attacks on cruise ships of tourists in Europe one really does wonder about why so little is heard on this mater.

The answer in part is because in part of the lack of anything said or more information on the those accused in the case. No one know thier hometowns – no one knows where they are from – no one knows if these men have any past criminal history or were bemedaled heros know one really has heard from the side of the men themselves…

perhaps – its part of the strategy of the legal panel of the defense to keep them quiet – less talk means less mistakes the old saying goes and more so less chance of congressional inquiry back home or more problems for the US defence establishment already facing so much negative media criticism over scandals and abuse cases.

But in the end – perception and what being report is all that is being heard ‘back home’ where small towns or communities will know these people by name – face – or image.

today’s sudden statement may be just twelve words long- but is says a lot and leads to more questions of who exactly are monsters these marines see? Or is that what they and thier families are being told is happening? like what Dirty Harry said in movie-

what images being presented so far make the short remark little more than more added perception confusion over the public side of the case outside of the court. Where after-all the opinions and reports make it seem less like what the four men seem – paranoid, in fear, silent… unknown.

Save for whts been said so far… More and more it looks like a thing Dirty Harry would view as he said above.


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