Yankee Doodles: Exhibit on Colonial period editorial cartoons and art in LA

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Not a lot is taught in schools of the period of America’s colonial period during the early 20th century when the USA took control of a few places and ran them as ‘colonies’ albeit for more benevolent than the European counterparts were in Africa. The period was perhaps not the highlight of American history that many schools like to highlight.

Also nor were the policies of those in that period who were treated when they went to the ‘mother or fatherland’ whatever your perspective were often subject to problems of dicriminatory policies that more often than not was not the brightest period of US culture and the period is far overlooked in both popular culture and the media.

I remember once getting lectured about not putting the ‘former colony’ in a report I was doing for CNN -a desk bound producer told me – ‘thats not true -America never had colonies…’ adding further- “that America never was in the Philippines for that long anyhow” – so take any reference to it out of my story on colonial mentality in Asia!

The guy actually now runs a major portion of that networks international operations- scary no? Anyhow- real history has its own lesson please do attend this thing if your in the LA area.

[]… ” Yankee Doodles: American Empire in the Philippines, 1896-1907

Exhibition at Remy’s On Temple Art Gallery
July 8-August 12, 2006 Curated by Abe Ignacio, Enrique de la Cruz, Jorge Emmanuel, and Helen Toribio Opening Reception: 6-9:00PM Saturday, July 8, 2006

Theme:“To the victor goes the privilege of writing history, the glorification of its conquests, and the silencing of the conquered.” …[]

O n the theme of ” Buried in antique collections, libraries, archives, vaults, and private drawers, this exhibition presents an extraordinary album of political and editorial cartoons documenting the establishment of ‘American empire in the Philippines’ at the turn of the 20th century.”

The exhibit am told is interesting for those who oftwn do get a chance to see too much writen about the period and if you are in LA you can contact :

Remy’s On Temple Art Gallery
2126 W. Temple Street
Historic Filipinotown
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Regular Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 12-6:00 p.m. Or by appointment Tel: 213 484-2884
Historic Filipino town is an interesting part of Los Angeles in and of itself coming up on the FYITV.Net is a look at the informal nature of the Philippine Community in the area near what I like to call Brgy. Santa Monica!

Watch for it… On http://www.FYITV.Net of course


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