Congressman Stephen F. Lynch needs a History lesson!

July 14, 2006 at 2:41 am Leave a comment

A congressman from Massachusetts has filed a bill seeking to emulate a post WW2 solution to follow a pattern of Post-War Iraq.

[]… “What worked in Philippines may work in Iraq: U.S. commission may aid transition to democracy…” []

Stephen F. Lynch represents Massachusetts’ 9th Congressional District. wrote-
[] “…. At the close of World War II, after driving Japanese forces from the Philippines with the help of the Filipino resistance, the U.S. military found itself in control of that country. In the absence of a stable Philippine government, the U.S. military assumed responsibility for all basic government services.  …” []
Talk about insult to injury, at that time in 1945 the Philippine Commonwealth; was part of the USA! What kind of moron makes it to the halls of the US congress often puzzles me – esp. when they chose to re-write history. Bums like this idiot abandoned what was then a part of America for England in 1941 even as tens of thousands of Americans were imprisoned and interned by the Japanese.

Not to mention thousands of US troops held in POW camps that history shows us were pretty much left to thier own – as then Philippine commonwealth president  Manuel Quezon wrote American President Roosvelt  “abandoned her Philippine daughter to raped in the backroom…” to save England and Europe first.

Insult and injury often goes further perhaps this Congressman did not know tens of thousands of US Troops – commission by the US government – Philippine citizens in US government service were denied thier GI bill rights promised for more than four decades as idiots lke him in the earlier congresses did not want to pay back salaries and benefits to Philippine soldiers who fought and died for old glory.

Heck after WW2 the US even put more effort into rebuilding Japan than it did its former ward in Manila – perhaps what the congressman should go back to is not a commission solution – there was one if I am not mistaken planned to set up a Military “American Caesar” type of leader to rebuild Iraq patterned after Mac Arthur in Japan -his success is seen and credited by Japanese historians for trowing aside at Japans new prime ministers suggestion the tools for war and building what is now a model for the global economy’s called Japan inc.
I hope some poor Congressional aide who ghost wrote this misplaced re-write of history to aid this congressman’s re-election dosen’t lose his job over this – instead perhaps the congressman could do a little more research and learn the lessons of history – maybe by coming to manila and meeting and visiting people who can easily tell him more about what America’s only former ‘colony’, later commonwealth really was like, rather than rushing some half baked press release and bill to the floor of a chamber not willing to even see that the plan while may be well intentioned is written on history not quite acute and thus perhaps is a flawed bill that needs more study.

In other simpler terms, Congressman, Stephen F. Lynch represents Massachusetts’ 9th Congressional District. – Do your homework!


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