Philippine threat reports show both sides of the ‘state of things’

July 14, 2006 at 3:15 am Leave a comment

The State of the Nation address and security measures taken seem to speak volumes about the ‘state of the nation’s’ security precautions.

It is “guarded – amidst threats” and in a way needing more security as people like those alleged to be engaged in plots and counter plots and threats may be seen to be out to sow terror and create problems.

i.e. the alleged plot to bomb the speech averted by arrests.

But in a way it also speaks volumes of the ability of the PNP to have prevented those alleged threats and capture the plotters before the ‘plot event’ could take place. So in a way the precautions which are viewed around the world – may seem to seen as ‘guarded’ or in need of beefing up in order to protect it.

But- It also says, the republic is strong as in views of how if nothing happens precautions and pre-emptive measures are working.

Some may wonder why bottled water is being looked at… well that brings something I read to mind, a few years back, a explosive that looks like water and can be mixed with water even. I won’t go into details – but if police and security forces are taking this step.

[] … ” Filipinos ban bottled water at speech Water Technology Online, NY – MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Amid fears that terrorists might use liquid bombs, bottled water will be banned in the plenary hall of the Philippines House” …[]

Then, bottled water is being looked at then there may be more than a plot by the Magdelo 6, or Filinvest II 8 in the works being looked at – the liquid bomb formula was used in an attack on Japan bound Philippine Air lines flight and that was not the work of locals, but, now captured members of a group that became al qeada.

Overall domestic concerns are still at the top of the picture.

[] “…Security beefed up in Philippines for Arroyo’s annual address Monsters and, ‘We are also concerned on the threats posed by the Communist Party of the Philippines since we have intelligence reports that the leftists will take advantage …[]
I watched my old Palawan Karaoke buddy Com. Rex Robles, in an interview on the probe team with Pinky Webb over the phone (Why Rex didn’t go on camera to be interviewed by Pinky I’ll not understand- Rex never misses the chance to be interviewed by a Beautiful woman!) but his comments did show one thing that the six men who were caught may not be the whole thing as it were.

So precautions are in place and people are working overtime to make sure that the country is more secure. I think there is something more here in many eyes seen as the growing ties and use of bombs and terror as a weapon by fringe groups in the country though – perhaps – it is a global thing.

But, as the worlds focus is on India and Lebanon – one looks and sees what is at stake as attention is focused elsewhere in the world right now. If groups like those of the six leaders at large of the magdelo group are really part of a larger group as earlier interviews by probe have shown then there is something that needs to be looked into.

In a trip into Makati today I had a few interesting conversations, on three cabs- the worried expression that all three told me about the bombs found and the plot to allegedly attack congress. My Dad who ran the Gallop Poll in this country for many years taught me a sure fire quick method to gauge what people are talking about.

Take public transportation – start conversations and speak to people – a easy thing for me- talk to twenty – ask them the top two or three things on their mind, often that unscientific sample is a good gauge to look at what is ‘Up’ – my quick twenty survey- resulted in two major topics, the Plot vs. the Sona – and – concern expressed about why don’t people just wait for elections?.

I know its not the best method, by try it sometime- a quick twenty people – within a large public transportation area at random – say every six you meet- you get a quick sample – it works really.


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