Lebanon: Youtube goes to war…

July 17, 2006 at 7:41 pm Leave a comment

I often thought it would happen sooner or later, YOUTUBE at war, but the video is moving stuff a little more than what is often seen on Televsion because of all the time spent with talking heads and trying to not make people feel too ‘depressed with the world’ which is often what causes the real damage and death and destruction that War ‘sugar coated’ causes.

On the other side of the coin there are those who try and uses services like YouTube or other video sites on the web to post thier own propaganda videos too:

Another one is the same exact film or documentary presented as occupation 101.

These aside ; There are those people; who also use images of what those in media define as colleteral damage – never is the term victims used anymore it seems- And even though the quality of these images may be low, there are few times when pictures seen like these that do not fail to move or create emotion.

Albeit it may be only one side and posted by supporters of groups who may have carried out equally violent actions in Israel the images still paint a very storng image seen online but not on-air.

It is often only those who see it close up. Or in raw images like these that being ‘shocked and awed’ – by big booms and bangs that there a realization of real pan and suffering.

But – there is one video I saw posted on the 15th.

Even if you cannot understand the language, it does show the strong emotions and images devoid from international news broadcasts save for say spanish language TV or Russia or Arab world news.

It has a stark and real the ‘face of war’ at one end. I am sure Youttube might be forced to edit it down or have it limited to adult viewers.

But I feel that would do more harm – let people see this so they see the damage caused by the problem with smart bombs and missles is they are often used by very stupid people or political leaders.

There are others who post more images like these of major league ‘media’ where coprorate controls asnd censors – work hard- so those who call themselves leaders will not see the real face and images of those their orders for war often kill.

Easy to understand when a network has a few major stakeholders (like the one above- in the arms industry!) Images of war like this try and show at least in snipets what it is often left on the ‘cutting room floor’ or windows trash bin- at major global TV networks. Albeit from one perspective. Yet it is still a moving thing to watch see and learn.

For many of those families of the 30,000 OFWs in the middle east area of Lebanaon and the tens of thousands more in Northern Israel there are more uncut videos from the web. from various sources.

Below one ‘Youtuber’ even set it to music of the opening song of a Rogers and Hamerstien musical – since noting no close ups no real faces of collateral damage- just the bombs and damage…. no emotion – no anguish- no feelings… No one wants to make people feel bad even when reporting even about war anymore.

In my years as on a network foreign desk as an editor, reproter, anchor, producer, I have seen so many of these images so I’m a little less shcoked than most I guess.

But to those who have never seen things and these images close up perhaps you should see what cameramen and journalists often see first up. And if your home town TV station won’t show you sometimes because the PTA or some group or arms manfacturer or contractor happens to own a stake in the network.

seek out on the web… while its still there to see…


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