Sulu: AFP hunts for JI leaders Dumalatin & Patek et al.

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The Philippine Military’s task force comet based in Sulu province is hunting down pair of Southeast Asia’s most wanted men who reports claim may be the leaders of Jemaah Islamiah who have a combined reward on their heads of over a half a billion pesos.

U.S. offers rewards for the capture of 2002 Bali bombing suspects

Click on photo to see full story
Click on photo to see full story

The U.S. Department of State is offering rewards for the capture of two Jemaah Islamiya members who are believed to be involved in the bombings in Bali, Indonesia, in 2002. In a statement on October 6, Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the Department’s Rewards for Justice program offers $10 million for Dulmatin and up to $1 million for Umar Patek.

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Reports from the area say sightings have been repeatedly sent to a central tip-off hotline in the area and the pursuit which began midnight monday has been intense near the area of the Indanan River.

The group of Dumalatin and Patek are allegedly traveling with a cell of the Abu Sayyaf in the area. It is a remote part of Sulu, so less chances of civilian collateral casualties.

The Military is stepping up pursuit of these Islamic extremist groups as fears have been raised that the group may be trying to use the current situation in Lebanon as to seek distressed militant youth who seeing reports on television of the battles raging may be more susceptible to recruitment for ‘Martyrdom’ operations a.k.a. ‘Hoimicide bombings’.

Reports from Indonesia claim some fringe groups are bent of sending vollenteers to Lebanon to join Hezbollah and like groups in the fighting ongoing there. The Jakarta Post, reported that authorities there are desperate to keep tabs at this time on groups known to sow violence in the region as well.

The Malaysian counter terrorism center in KL also has claimed that there are heightened efforts and new funds pouring in to groups like Jemaah Islamiah – to create other zones fighting. Al Qaeda has been too quiet outside of Iraq analysts say that no statements or actions so far are unusual for the group.

Philippines: New Offensive Against Militant Groups
August 01, 2006 19 47  GMT

The Philippine military launched a new offensive against southern Philippine-based militant groups Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah on Aug. 1. Helicopter gunships and fixed-wing aircraft attacked bases of suspected members of the group. About 500 soldiers are involved in the operation; two were reported wounded after heavy fighting on the southern island of Jolo in Sulu province.

The renewed fighting is also part of the improvement some Military sources say in intelligence cooperation and new inflows of information into the rewards system tip line per other sources that note there are fears new batches of recruits from Indonesia may be in Sulu and other areas training for actions elsewhere.

The fighting has been described as heavy by news agencies and organizations based in the area – the reports:

Military launches offensive against terrorists
Sun.Star, Philippines –  ZAMBOANGA CITY — The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is launching a massive offensive against top terrorists and ranking Abu Sayyaf members in the …

Heavy fighting erupts in Sulu

Philippine Star, Philippines –  … In 2004, the Abu Sayyaf bombed a passenger ferry in Manila Bay, killing more than 100 in what is believed to be the Philippines’ worst terrorist attack. …

Philippines attacks Islamists, Qatar -… The military said it has launched a new offensive against Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah, an Indonesian-based group, in the southern Philippines. …

The attacks are being carried out as part of regional pre-emptive action in the face of reports from Indonesia and elsewhere of heightened efforts within the extremist networks to mount tactical strikes in an effort to internationalize the Lebanon situation and the renewed insurgent and al qaeda offensives in Iraq and afghanistan.

This comes in the wake of reports that some groups are also raising a asian force to join the fight in Lebanon and Iraq.

School Announces It Will Help Indonesian Mujahideen Reach Lebanon
Counterterrorism Blog, New Jersey –  … Ngukri Boarding School is affiliated with Abu Bakar Bashir, who intelligence agencies describe as the spiritual head of the terror group Jemaah Islamiyah.


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