Israel gives foreigners in Lebanon ‘escape route’ Then BOMBS it?

August 7, 2006 at 4:40 pm 1 comment

Here is where the Israeli embassy in Manila should really – really reconsider whatever Tel Aviv tells them.After handng over a map and safe passage route to the Philippine Department of Foreign affairs later on the same day the Israeli Air Force bombs it.

If there was ever a reason to declare a diplomat ‘persona non grata’ or write a ‘Note Verbal’ it is the Israeli DFA telling Philippine officails allegedly “sure your people can pass this way- then bomb the route a little while later? ‘ – or so a top level philippine officail says – it also puts into question the safety of the two Philippine coast guard vessels now being dispatched to the region to ferry some 30,000 filipino’s out.

the ships both -very lightly armed coastal patrol ships- have ‘safe passage’ but as even the US navy has learned on occasion even thier own ships are not safe from the IDF when they are at war anything goes.

So the coastguardsmen from the Philippines I expect will have their hands full. Aside from possible anti-ship missles and stray rockets as well as sucide boats from armed factions israel is chasing… they might want to remember a incident older than this writer.

[] … “USS Liberty IDF Attack on US Navy”

Israel’s official position remains to this day that the attack was an accident, claiming that it was assured by the United States that no U.S. ships were in the area. Israel has also claimed that its air and naval forces mistakenly identified Liberty as the Egyptian vessel El Quseir. Proponents of the accident explanation add that mistakes were inevitable in the tense atmosphere of the Six-Day War, and that no concrete motive existed for Israel to initiate a surprise attack against a country that was quickly becoming its most powerful and important ally.

Others claim that the attack was premeditated and deliberate; they note, among other things, that the Liberty was more than twice as large as the El Quseir, and was clearly designated with Latin rather than Arabic letters and numbers. Proponents of deliberate attack theory include the surviving Liberty crewmen, [1] and some former U.S. government officials, including then-CIA director Richard Helms and then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk as well as Admiral Thomas Hinman Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The United States and Israel exchanged diplomatic notes after several inquiries. Though the United States never officially accepted the Israeli explanation, it agreed to accept indemnities of $13 million, for damage and casualties. ” …[]

So now the reports the Manila Times about the roadmap confirmed by another half dozen people in the Philippine Government… A lot of similar reports have come out of Australia, The USA and European papers of similar escape routes given then bombed.

The truth some Israeli sources say is that when Israel is at War even the IDF does not know what the IDF targets will be more than a few hours in advance.

So a safe area now – may be – unsafe a few hours later.

The IDF has its own mindset and own set of rules and often does things without telling the rest of the Israeli government. It is a war afterall – and – since the Israeli’s know more than anyone else what a war crime is considering their nation was founded by the victims of some of history’s worst war crimes they should do better than this. What little sympathy there is for Israel and the USA is being lost daily by these kinds of developments.
Perhaps the Israeli embassy here gave outdated information considering how fluid the situation on the ground is.

But in other reports – On one day the Israeli Gov’t news agency says Christain areas will be left alone – then the same day minutes after the statement were read on the BBC, CNN, and elsewhere on Air – almost as if on que – a Christian area of Beruit was bombed.

Dan Mariano of the manila times puts it in his column this way –
[]… The evacuation of OFWs has ground to a halt. Israeli warplanes have bombed the last remaining land route out of Beirut. Ironically, it was the same route that Israeli authorities had suggested to Filipino officials, who had earlier sought safe passage from Israel. “The Israelis granted our request for safe passage,” recalled Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Esteban Conejos. “They even proposed the route that we should take, but the IDF later bombed it.” …[]

Histroy teaches Filipno’s of the historic role a Filipnio made in sponsoring the State of Israel’s UN recognition…

there’s a mixed bag of information on the entire set-up and it seems so strange many of the Issues raised then still are issues raised to this day by many parties. 

[] …  

6 May 1949


Held at Lake Success, New York,
on Friday, 6 May 1949, at 10.30 a.m.

Chairman: General Carlos P. ROMULO

55. Application of Israel for admission
to membership in the United Nations (A/818) (continued)

The CHAIRMAN recalled that at its 44th meeting the Committee had adopted a decision to invite the representative of Israel to make such statements and answer such questions as the Committee might deem desirable before reporting to the General Assembly on the item under consideration. In accordance with that decision, the representative of Israel had made a statement to the Committee, and several delegations had signified their desire to put questions to him.

At the invitation of the Chairman, Mr. Eban, representative of Israel, took a seat at the Committee table.” …[]


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