Methodist church: Campaign vs. Philippine Death Squads

August 9, 2006 at 10:24 am Leave a comment

In a statement released through the US based world faith news service the group has begun a campaign to seek the US congress to look into the situation.

While it stops short of calling for a stop or review of all or any aid programs that may be being used to support ‘armed groups’ that have been engaged in political killings.

It does mark the first time a major mainstream religous organization in the USA which counts among its congregration a large number of members both the Republican and Democratcs in congress.

[]… ” Executives of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, said his agency has been monitoring the situation in the Philippines closely and is in contact with church leaders there.

“We are deeply concerned that the human rights conditions there are spiraling out of control,” he said. “There has frequently been evidence of Filipino military involvement in the assassination of pastors and church workers. I urge United Methodists throughout the world to pray for the safety of Filipinos of all faiths.

“Since the United States has great influence in the Philippines, United Methodists here can play a role in ending this violence by contacting their members of Congress and President Bush to ask that all U.S. influence be brought to bear on the government of the Philippines,” Winkler added. “The the persecution and murder of Christians must stop.” …[]

The Philippine Government for it’s part has released numbers and information through it’s national security adviser Norberto Gonzales. Which shows over a period from 2000-2006 that from 2000 to May 2006, ” 1,130 liquidations that resulted to the killing of 1,227 people. Gonzales said the victims include 384 soldiers, policemen and intelligence operatives and 843 civilians.”  Around 320 of the killings are directly linked to political actions of the victims per Governments own reports. 

Gonzales blames CPP-NPA for most extrajudicial killings
Manila Times, Philippines – by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and Gonzales said the victims include 384 soldiers, policemen and said that only 320 of the killings could be  

The cases of these “killings with impunity” and insurgency related actions have brought international attention on the situation.


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