REPORT: Three that got away?

August 20, 2006 at 2:41 pm Leave a comment

Three men tied to attacks worse than the London & Madrid Bombings. Abu Sayyaf chieftain Khadaffy Janjalani and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) members Dulmatin, a Malaysian engineer, and Umar Patek, an Indonesian bomb maker.

Often downplayed for their roles in western media on terror attacks – these men have between them been linked or formally charged for thier roles in a number attacks.

In the case of Janjalani – he lead major kidnapping raids that brought millions of dollars of ransom payments in Malaysia and the Philippines.

He also leads a group that has been accused of bombings in Mindanao as well as Manila and the single worst terror bombing in Asia and worst at sea the Superferry 14 attack.

[PDF] Superferry 14 fire was sabotageFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML Superferry 14 in February was. sabotage, caused by a terrorist bomb, Superferry 14’s operator,. Aboitiz Transport Systems,

On the part of the JI members Dulmatin and Patek, The two Indonesians have been alleged to have taken part in attacks in Bali, Jakarta, and other terror attacks and plot as well as training others to carry out sucide and terror attacks across all three of the Mantiki’s or regions of Jemaah Islamiah..

Reports out of Camp Aguinaldo say the men have reportedly slipped out of a major dragnet that has resulted in some captives and five known lesser terror cell members being killed in Military operations in the Province of Sulu on Jolo Island.

The reports are also present of ‘sightings’ of 11 members of foreign terror groups that are in the Capitol region of Metro Manila In general terms most media outlets have pushed this and these stories here to back pages of most papers or non-top stories on newscasts.

[]… “The military has admitted losing track of the leaders of local and foreign terror groups… pursuit operation would continue in the southern Philippines, a senior official said. Raffy Jimenez, Gulf News” …[]

This is alarming coming on the heels of a report of a couple searched and siezed while trying to transport a large number of indian made detantors and discovery of a number bombs made out of baby formula bottles shown on television in the last week.

The man and woman were stopped before they got on a ferry bound for Tawi-Tawi province which has been spared so far from the level of problems from the ASG in Jolo and Basilan. Mindanao’s top newsman on the situation down there Al Jacnto reported the insident in both local and foreign papers… it does raise some eyebrows as to the destination of the couple – but – it could have been one of tweo possible things – one- that they were just delivery people paid to drop off the items for transport elsewhere by small vessel. Two detanators are not only used for terror but also in the dynamite or blast fishing industry.

But there is need to look closer on the possible area of flight of the three most wanted men in the philippines who have nearly a billion peso bounty on thier heads.


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