A time I was a DJ called Mikey…

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All of this seems so ‘bogus’ now – This old song, State of the Nation, is another strange one. It almost became a theme of late 82-83, almost the one hit for this group that made it to billboards charts before most of the band died in plane crash. funny to find it on you tube along with so many other songs of my youth. I was looking for something else.

Now I’m playing all these old songs anew.

An old song from a band called Industry. so long ago but still – the message of ‘like’ the words still has ‘like’ some meaning in a way.

Next, as I shift to blogger VJ mode. Here, Another ‘bitchin’ 80’s song, that seems to always be stuck in some movie somewhere – is this one – be it a 80’s spoof or 16 candles, the wedding singer or whatever else… Everyone can use a little tenderness.

it’s ‘like’ still so ‘Narley’ fer sure….

Further, back in my mind sits some of the other older songs of that period. that seemed to be all I was interested in way back; ‘like’ when dude- its often good to listen and see what’s out there really on youtube… amazing and totally rad stuff- youtube has so much of now.

the ‘Way Awesome’ Pale Shelter, for example of early tears for fears- its been around for a longer time than the groups other hotter hits but its one I still like. The Croc in the pool… with that ‘like bodacious babe. ” is still way cool!

All of this stuff were things I used to – believe it or not either Spin or Dance to -yup- in another life I was DJ – way back when – in Palawan, was ir as, so, so long ago – hey – I’m not alone- another DJ turned broadcast journo- albeit – he’s done far -far – far- better is Baby Michael- AKA Mike Enriquez. Jing Magsaysay yet another. If I’m not mistaken so were many others – take Ted Etong, Raffy Tulfo… he actually started at the same station I did many-many-many years ago.
I remember when – way back also VP and voice of ABS-CBN Peter Musngi – aka Peter Rabbit as well as a whole slew of others took to the airwaves back then playing a lot of this stuff. And dont forget dWIZ and DzRH’s weekend DJ – Noli Boy’ who is a heartbeat away from being top rated in the country.

Moving back Yo- Dudes and Dudettes- to the music. If you never danced slow to this ‘Excellent’ song in your youth with the right girl- well duh…. you missed so much-

I often wonder how many children now owe the very presence of themselves to this song from Spandau… I played it so much and still do from time to time.

More now to be put to sleep than to like, ah er- get in bed mood… but it still is a true song of love really….TRUE.

Oh well nostalgia sometimes gets the better of me remembering a much simpler easy time of life when everyday was waking up a entire province at 6am – (ok if Rhante Visitation or Danny Bernardo see this they would like Mike him- on time? HA! ) alright so like- 6:15 am – often I was late- what can I say?

Being in your late teens and DJ in a vacation town -was Way Excellent- you got invited to everyone’s parties… it took a ‘like’ toll on punctuality!!!!

A song that sometimes got me into a bit of trouble for playing it too much as DJ back then- and talking about its message… Duran-Duran’s new moon on Monday… the video had a powerful message few perhaps would think existed in the lyrics.

Ah the Radical, awesome, and way excelent! were the days and more so nights of youth… I had the fun of growing up in the OC before it bacame a tv show… went from Tustin High and Newport Beach, Balboa Island and Dana Point- to Palawan!

Hence it was like being in a Bill N Ted adventure movie!

Was so long ago.. yet so like seems just yesterday… I’ll be back to normal serious mike the journalist soon.- funny just to think my hair actually looked that!!!!

Nostalgia is nice once in while. now I suddenly feel old realizing its 20 years next year since I played all these on DYPR-FM…. so long qgo… hmmm… indeed.

Now another theme song I remember… all too well as I stop to write for this blogcast Modern English… Stop the World.

;Hang in there dudes and dudettes Mikey was back … ‘like’ for an ‘excelent adventure’ fora moment – So chill and stay real! nite’ all til later dayz… dream on ‘To The Totally Awesome Max! …. it’s been Trippendicular, Way Cool, and just like – Bitchin’


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