Israel telegraphs next war: Target Iran?

August 25, 2006 at 2:53 am 1 comment

If the world just got over the tension and the humanitarian problems of the conflict in Southern Lebanon – here’s the expected or unexpected rumble from the hawks in the Israeli government – fed up over the way the conflict in Lebanon turned out- they now have talked about a through “un-named sources” the possibility they might go it alone in Iran.


PAPER: U.S. gave Iran 1st nuclear reactor...

DE BORCHGRAVE: Iran scores in world war...

The Idea is that some leading members of the Israeli cabinet are rattling sabers and getting ready to take out the Iranian capability the UN seems not willing to go after in stronger terms than sanctions.

Matt Drudges site has this headline that links to the Jerusalem post.



So what’s next? is this tough talk? Israel is fully capable of carrying out its air strikes and has missiles capable of hitting targets in Iran if it so chose to- but- what is the outcome? How will the Arab street react? How will the Arab league react? How will the world react?

As the war in Lebanon showed while there was anger and visits from foreign ministers – there was not a single Arab leader who sent troops to defend Lebanon? Not even the old gung-ho leaders of the Arab world who even put up token forces on alert status- save for Iran of course- which reportedly sent supplies, missiles, equipment and even special forces to join in the fight as advisors.

So if Israel were to say carry out a direct strike against Iran’s Nuclear facilities or more so in actual conflict on the ground- hats next?

what would change after that? Most likely it would create swirling mess going south faster than snowbird flying to Vegas and New Mexico!

But the middle east doesn’t have a new Nasser or even a Yassar and Saddam sits behind bars so who what would this mean to say US efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan?

But closely looking at reports – albeit without official government sanction there are some elements in Iran providing support – at least in the form of weapons and explosives- perhaps merely as salesmen – in Iraq.

[]…”Pentagon Suggests Iran is Training Iraqi Insurgents
Voice of America – By Robert Raffaele. A senior military spokesman says there is clear evidence that Iran has directly aided insurgents in Iraq. Those
General: Iran training Shiite insurgents The Westfall Weekly News
US Soldiers Killed Near Baghdad KWTX   “…[]

British patrols have seized over a number of years a large number of weapons, explosives, and, other forms of support flowing across the Euphrates river in Basra.


In other places in both Irfaq as well as in Afghanistan the flow of weapons to non-taliban insurgent groups also is something not unheard of with this coming from groups in Iran – this means – many see irans extreme hardline elements as trying to create in Geo-Political terms trouble.

[]…”Germany says Iranian nuclear response appears unsatisfactory
San Diego Union Tribune, United States –
By Geir Moulson. BERLIN – Germany said Thursday that Iran’s response to a package of incentives for halting its nuclear program …” …[]

To keep things out of balance – or so reports say in the media outlets that report on this sort of thing seem to say. Most people in the middle east view a conflict between Iran and Israel as major escalation in a already unstable part of the world.

Lets all hope the Israeli statements are not meant as warnings. Like those leaked days before the reprisals into Lebanon. A Middle East inflamed by another conflict- on top local insurgencies that might be able to gain from any sudden action by Israel might tip the balance and throw the hill of beans already simmering into the fire.

[]….”The Endless Muddle East Imbroglio: Perpetual War for Perpetual

Lew Rockwell, CA As Iraq itself teeters on civil war between its ruling Shiite and Sunni factions As Iraqi insurgents steadily kill or maim US soldiers by the thousands and by …  “…[]

But then what if it is another group – those seeking to keep things unstable and growing from worse to worse? Who benifits more than anyone if the whole thing gets thrown into disarray? Who benifits if War happens on a larger scale.

Questions, subertfuge, and, strange bedfellows are at work here it seems – to push the world to a brink of a abysis we all hope cooler heads can pull things away from.

Its all just talk right now – lets hope it stays that way, because trying to analyze the next level of this escalating makes me dizzy.



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