White House releases new book on ‘War on Terror’

September 6, 2006 at 11:44 pm Leave a comment

The short booklet on the the white house plans and programs in plain and simple language is a fresh take on the old story of the fight versus Al qaeda, It is what has been told and retold in the past 8 years of the declared Jihad of Al Qeada over two Presidents times in the chair of commander and chief since 1997.

While the stage of the conflict is still at a level of concern for many, It does offer a view of what is happening from the white-house perspective. Although the Democrats call the timing coming two months before a series of mid-term congressional elections as ’suspect’ and or propaganda;

[] …”National Strategy for
Combating Terrorism Today, President Bush released his updated National Strategy for Combating Terrorism (NSCT), which outlines the United States government strategy to protect and defend American interests at home and abroad from terrorism. Click here to read the report. President Bush’s top priority is the safety and security of the American people. Since September 11th, President Bush has restructured and reformed the Federal government to focus resources on counterterrorism and to ensure the security of our homeland. Click here to learn more. ….” []

But the bottom line is at least it gives a clearer view of the status and viewpoint of the Bush administration which is tight lipped on many actions that have taken place in the War on terror.

But, still considering much of the credibility problem with information released by the white house after the intelligence failures in Iraq’s WMD programs, the book while informative does still contain the stigma of distrust by some sectors. How the bush administration might recover that sense of trust after the UN presentations and other events still leaves many in doubt. Whenever Washington speaks… on the conduct of the conflict at hand.

But it does give clear view beyond Iraq in the conduct at large in many parts of the world which is something mainstream media often misses in the focus of Iraq- often forgeting the Afghanistan situation, the Indian subcontinent area, the rest of the world and domestic front in North America. Reguardless of which party is power in the White House at No.10 or in Malacanan – it is a good read for background information on the conflict from Washingtons Point of View.


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