Clinton rage on ABC drama: the truth hurts?

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Clinton rage over ABC 9-11 Docu-drama: The truth hurts?

Bill Clinton and his entire former cabinet do bare a share of the blame as does the present administration in the issues over the attack on September 11, 2001 in New York, Washington DC, and, the plane the crashed in Penn State.

The 911 commision reports show that reports were made and submitted warning of 9-11 like like plots to the then Clinton era National Security panel.

One of which came from these shores- it outlined a plot intercepted in 1995 – called Oplan Bojinka – which bore strike similarities to 9-11 and warned Al Qaeda was planing multiple hijackings.

It’s Author was – Khalid Sheik Mohamad – the Al Qeada No.3 – now in US custody. It the report was drafted by the Philippine National Police and submited shortly after the 1995 APEC summit in Manila. it was resubmited on three different occasions.

Why the rage over the ABC Docu-drama – not so much for Bill – whose politcal career as middle level elder statesman and future first hisband – seem to be his only plans. Perhaps he read the memo the current first lady issued that the the first spouise now handles the orientation of white house interns! Man talk about letting loose a kid in the candy store – so anything that might upset that future job would make Bubba very upset indeed.

But the warnings of 9-11 came clearly and came twice from these Philippine shores – two Philippine Presidents both Fidel Ramos and later Joseph Estrada raised and submitted warnings to Clinton.

Along with the warnings both handed over at the white house and Pentagon – were a long time symbol of friednship that dates back to the US colonial period in these islands, Boxes of the finest made Philippine Cigars. Don Juan Arquillos; anyone who read the transcripts of the Clinton impeachment and Ken Starr reports knows what happened to the cigars.

As to the report – ignored perhaps because of other matters or issues – some in the Whte House claim it was never recieved.

Didn’t a then Clinton National security adviser did ‘lose’ some documents?

However sitting in the Pentagon, Camp Crame, and ,Camp Aguinaldo as well as in the court trial of Ramsey Youseff- the report is not only mentioned but was submitted for evidence. Further – the ignored warning if memory serves me correctly was bearing a seal stamped with a White House document seal. Clinton got angry over the entire Lewinsky issue – he even – lied about it to the world from the White House.

I think ABC should air the docu-drama – there seems to something there some people dont want seem. It is widely known the Bush Admistraiton had its own errors in the lead up to 9-11 and after in the war on terror. Perhaps – its time to see who else was too busy to notice or preoccupied to care about wanrings given time and agian in the years prior.

I say to ABC – AIR IT! Let the people decide.

Blogspace has been full of this topic from all sides:

More background:

The Clinton-Bashing Path to 9/11

[]…” Clinton administration officials are outraged over a movie called The Path to 9/11. They call it false, defamatory, and deplorable–and those are the nice words….”[]

[]”…Full Text of Letter from Bill Clinton Lawyer to ABC Obtained
Bill Clinton’s attorney, Bruce Lindsey, has written to ABC chief Bob Iger protesting
the network’s decision to air the 9/11 docudrama, “The Path to 9/11.” The letter
demands that the network pull the miniseries unless it corrects all … []

[] “Clinton officials speak out against ABC’s fake 9/11 “docu-drama”
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former National Security Adviser
Sandy Berger, Clinton Foundation head Bruce Lindsey and Clinton adviser Douglas
Band wrote in the past week to Robert Iger, CEO of ABC’s parent …[]

[] “…ABC Collapses from Democrat Pressure and Edits “The Path to 9/11”
The Ostroy Report has learned from a reliable source connected to ABC that an
unnamed ABC executive said that former President Bill Clinton called Disney
President and CEO Robert Iger this week to voice his anger and frustration


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