The Philippines and 9-11

September 10, 2006 at 9:58 pm 1 comment

Interesting report on 9-11 links to Asia and terror ties that stretch across the globe it is perhaps only one of a few broadcasting networks to go into real detail about. what happened here in Manila where so much of what occurred in 9-11 was tried tested and planned. I remember when 9-11 occurred the first plane had hit I was on the phone to Ira Panganiban and talked moments after the first plane had hit – it took one sentence with -two words electric came between me and Ira – Oplan Bojinka- pull in everything on it. We did… it came out in the days that followed many times and many experts here – people who first hand inteviewed people like.


Abdul Hakim Murad; ” As part of the Bojinka plot, Murad was slated to bomb two United Airlines aircraft, and was also slated to be the suicide pilot that would pilot a small plane filled with explosives into the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. He was arrested shortly after police arrived at the Doña Josefa Apartments in Manila, Philippines in January 6, 1995, soon after a fire occurred when Murad was mixing chemicals.”

Like myself and other reporters in the Philippines in late 1995 Ira and others like him from the defense beat knew in detail of the 1995 era plot hatched at 711 Quirno Ave. two other plots were also in place then – but that incident led to a 1996 trial in New York and convictions. It was well known.

ABS-CBN in the Philippines is doing a rare -2 hour prime time news documentary… I’ve watched it. On terror ties to the Philippines. long winded’ but a lot of information is there – sadly – not well paced too much a monotone. But perhaps thats the ‘new’ look they want.

[] …” Every major al Qaeda attack from 1993 to 2001 has had some link to the Philippines: the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1998 East Africa bombings, the 2000 USS Cole bombing, and 9/11, the world’s worst terrorist attacks. …”[] ABS-CBN News

Yes, the names places and dates will be repeated over the next few weeks and days – I watched Maria Ressa’s report/documentary – the 2 hour report documentary on ABS-CBN, it’s well put together.

But the voice over is weak. The presence and story telling pace is sleepy-ish. But thats her stlye in retrospect.

Also… So many people covered the story here and were cut out of the videos. Like for example VP Noli De Castro – to whom a lot of credit goes for MILF video – some also was shot by Reuters.

But a lot of other people went into the Camp or covered many of the events mentioned in person many are still at ABS-CBN – perhaps – sidebars from them would have lessened the monotone of one voice over for two hours.

I speak purely on technical and impact this is not a judgement of the effort to put something like that togther – it took a lot of time and effort – I toned down my earlier blog entry -from a earlier post which went into more specifics.

Lastly– how can you talk about 911 and miss to mention the scores of Filipino’s and Fil-Am’s were killed and wounded in NYC alone at the WTC .Perhaps profiles of those people might have been also a clearer tie into the situation, anyhow-that’s just my idea of the clearest link that happened.

Perhaps she could have gone up to talk to some of the relatives of Lopez clan who remember one of their own was killed at WTC.

here are their names by the way: From the well maintained site of the Filipino librarian of NYC.


September 11, 2001 Victims, there were at least 15 Filipinos who died when the towers collapsed on that day:

Grace Alegre-Cua, 40, Glen Rock, N.J.
Cesar A. Alviar, 60, Bloomfield, N.J.
Marlyn C. Bautista, 46, Iselin, N.J.
Cecile M. Caguicla, 55, Boonton, N.J.
Jayceryll M. de Chavez, 24, Carteret, N.J.

Benilda Pascua Domingo, 37, New York, N.Y.
Ramon Grijalvo, 58
Frederick Kuo, 53, Great Neck, N.Y.
Arnold A. Lim, 28, New York, N.Y.
Manuel L. Lopez, 54, Jersey City, N.J.

Carl Allen Peralta, 37, New York, N.Y.
Rufino Conrado F. (Roy) Santos, 37, New York, N.Y.
David Marc Sullins, 30, New York, N.Y.
Hilario Soriano (Larry) Sumaya, 42, New York, N.Y.
Hector Tamayo, 51, New York, N.Y.


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