2005:War on Terror 11,000 attacks 40,000 victims

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A lot of people sometimes wonder why I put so much down in my blog on the War on Terrorism and to many it is seen as somewhat strange that because of all the acts that happen – few people really report or cover it at length or in depth.

Lets do the math – outside of the War in Iraq per statistics maintained by counter terrorism groups in the US and EU here’s the figures that show the complex web of attacks across the globe.

[]” …terrorism continues to affect citizens of every country: In 2005 alone, there were more than 11,000 terrorist events around the world that killed or injured 40,000 persons. The victims were mostly innocent civilians men, women and children whose lives were cut short by indiscriminate terrorist violence….”[] US State Department report to congress for 2005

The report covers acts of terrorism on many fronts but the vast majority are those attacks that have taken place outside of major conflict zones in places like Iraq and Afghanistan,

If those figures- which are for the most part considered acts of ‘insurgent’ or ‘rebel’ groups are factored in the figure goes to nearly 24,000 attacks and another 100,000 victims both killed and injured. So in total somewhat the figure shows the true nature of ‘the beast’ – 35,000+ attacks 140.000+ people killed or injured.

That’s just for 2005.

A few weeks back I showed the figures for Iraqi civilians and troops killed in IED attacks in Iraq. Average numbers show 100 dead per day across that country or roughly 3,000 a month – most are women and children or old men and women. Those who are poor and take public transportation. Those who live outside secure zones in the Iraqi Capitol and have to risk their lives daily to buy food in market stalls and from vendors.

There is a school of thought from some to disengage the War in Iraq from the war on terror – because- they don’t like Bush or Blair or Howard. This is wrong… there are those even here in Manila who speak of some groups as militants or rebels – when in fact – those extremists – are often rejected by traditional insurgent or ‘rebel’ groups who for the most part do not engage in the kind of warfare the extremists do.

Iraq the middle east and Afghanistan: are the major fronts – but across the region attacks are rarely reported but happen in Saudi Arabia and other points within the middle east and Horn of Africa.

In large open cases of genocide – Al Qaeda inspired acts of violence the globe rocks with bombs, gunfire, and, executions in places like the Sudan’s Darfur region, In areas of Africa both sub Saharan and Mediterranean,

Europe; One need only look at Russia, most think of the horrors of Madrid and London, individual attacks in the Netherlands, attacks in the Netherlands involved mostly single assailants and axes or knives. Random violence in Germany – across places like Kosovo in the Balkans.

Here where I am in Southeast Asia; One can look at numerous ongoing fighting and attacks across Southern Thailand, then the large scale violence in several places in Indonesia,

Just south of where I base myself in the Southern Philippines

India had its 7-11 attacks in Mumbai but also scores of small scale attacks just last week a moderate mosque- was bombed- yes, the extremists’ target those in their own community who do not follow the madness they wish to inflict.

Even on a small scale the America’s outside of the USA have also had small scale islamic extremists groups and others who have carried out violence.

As both Newt Gringrich and Malaysian former PM Mahathir have said it is World War 3: But the problem is a large section of media does not see it as such- they look and trace and see each act happening independently- true- but inspired – by the very violent groups that have been a major problem across the world.

There are those who wish to disengage – to isolate themselves back to the relative safety of US shores. To withdraw all forces across the globe and cut and run from Iraq from Afghanistan from the the rest of the world – to build walls across America’s borders – restrict immigration – make America a fortress and brace for the worst.

But, walls cannot stop and ideology, the soviet union found that out when freedom and democracy came into eastern Europe even with a major effort to keep things secure, put troops on borders, and make individual civil liberties be sacrificed for the communist ‘common good’ of the soviet mindset. In ironic fashion the idea of running away will lead to fight another day versus perhaps nations of extremists. Hence- there is little choice for the west to face the fight on the ground support allies on the front lines and keep ‘main street’ still free for people in the USA and elsewhere.

Freedom is never free, there is price for security often paid for in lives and sacrifice and blood sweat and tears. Sure there are those who blame the people running the war with its course and action. but, no mater who is the White House or at No. 10 in London or in power in India or Pakistan – or in any of the capitols of the world.

The efforts of these groups who are hell bent on destroying in many cases the very societies and institutions they came from in the case of Euro-based fanatics and Asian extremist groups.

Joining of hands and singing the beetles ‘all we need is love’ or ‘kumbaya’ is not going to stop one bomb effective Police work and addressing grievances of the legal or economic imbalances of the world that have caused this war will put the killers away,

Also addressing the very issues of human rights – often raised in the defence of the terrorist captives – in the countries they are in – will be clearer path to make sure the recruitment base is better educated to withstand and understand that those hijacking their religion for violence – are wrong.

Yes- to a large extent all of this is being done already. But – the weakest link is the very people who are free and democratic free spaces of the West- the disunity in Political America and Europe and the rest of the West that allow the very conditions for the extremists to flourish.

There is a very determined enemy out there who has declared war on all things people living in freedom feel important. the most important of which is security and peace of mind – the very level of violence the rest of the world deals with could in a mater of weeks or days be at work in many western cities or places if vigilance is lost.

Yes- mistakes have made, errors done, but – perhaps – on the side of caution. Now is a time perhaps for people to see the real war as it is. Perhaps it is time for the governments of this world to throw open the books on say 2003-2005

Or even just the last year of the war on terror open to the public.

Show it all.

Because by by keeping people in the dark to everything that out there, and, the censorship of ongoing operations.

It is only the critics, the sympathizers’, the terrorist themselves, are only ones being heard.

They ironically are speaking alongside those people of peace in the anti-violence and anti-war organizations who are seen and heard.

It is time to throw open the flood gates – take off the blinders and show the evil so people will know the true face of those you are fighting in their name.

Otherwise… this fight is long way from being over.

Another analysis…

[]…” The lessons of Iraq posted by taoist  analysis of our struggles in Iraq and Afghanistan is available here. The conclusion: it is our persistance that will determine if we win these fights, precisely because that is what our enemies think we lack. They fought the Soviets for 10 years in Afghanistan before the Soviets withdrew simply from fatigue. They think we will do the same. The only way we can lose these fights is if our anti-war left forces us to. …”[]



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