Afghan Opium: Taliban & Al Qaeda’s ATM

September 13, 2006 at 2:20 pm Leave a comment

A press release I got today speaks volumes about what many know to be the major source of funding for groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The old ‘white horse’ of Vietnam is ridding in the hills of afghan poppy fields.

In many places the Narco – trade is rising as fast as the Taliban and Al Qaeda attacks indicating a direct link between the two- by engaging security forces – the Taliban takes the heat off of the Narco-bosses in areas that otherwise could be reached by poppy eradication teams.

The central Asian Drug lords don’t care about democracy just making people crazy- addicted to their product and getting this out of the zones of production to markets in Europe- the Taliban & Al Qaeda have never really cared about the trade so long as it affected people outside of the circle they were in.

The US House committee on Foreign relations chair Rep.Henry Hide, wrote a letter after seeing reports seeking reports of higher levels of the drug trade in the region. What Hyde hints at but has not directly laid out in his report / request to the President is the direct link that some soldiers based in the field in Afghanistan have told me on the swings through they make here in this part of theater of operations of the pacific area command and enduring freedom Asia theater- if they were directed to go after the poppy fields they could cut off the support base for the terrorists – meaning less cash flow. 

A old Vietnam era reporter told me that in that war – the failure to go after the drug income support base of the VC in many areas led to a lot of funds falling into rebel hands back then. He hoped that the situation in Afghanistan which has for the most part stabilized in most parts of the country-  still needs greater focus.

[]…”        ” In a letter dated September 7, 2006 to President Bush, U.S. Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-IL), Chairman of the House International Relations Committee, questioned current U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. Hyde remarked, “An increase of nearly 60 percent in illicit opium production in the course of the last year undergirds warlord support of anti-coalition forces, such as the Taliban. We have to revisit our counterdrug and counterterrorism policies in Afghanistan, or we risk creation of a “failed narcotics state.”  Hyde also welcomed the call by the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime “to bring to justice the big [drug] traders.”  Hyde proposed immediate action, stating that United States efforts in Afghanistan are failing, with Afghanistan facing its highest levels of violence and corruption since liberation. “Drug money continues to finance terrorism and threatens to destroy Afghanistan’s emerging democracy,” Hyde said. …[]

Hyde’s press release says action is needed – what he needs to say is each kilo to opium paste reaching cash sellers is ten more IED’s or another set of suicide bombers – more guns and RPG’s or more DV cameras and computers for al qeada ‘s propaganda efforts.

You need to spell it out Henry…  because the people you are sending a letter to are in stupor – addicted to another kind of drug… perhaps something called ‘power’? 


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