‘Bon Voyage’ Sheila: look out big apple!

September 15, 2006 at 4:28 pm Leave a comment

I often wonder how time flies like it does – it seems only a few years back when I heard about aSheila and  PCIJ

It was about the same time I started working with TV Patrol’s special reports group and risking my kneck on undercover work- being ‘undetectable” and tourist looking- doing investigativer work under the ‘SRG’ brand led by Gen ‘Pregenia’ Reyes -and of course supervised by ‘Tita A’ as we called MGB and TVP boss Arlene De Castro and managing anchor now Philippine VP Noli De Castro.

Henry Omaga Diaz and Jade Lopez were main correspondents- but others worked though as well like Jun Del Rosario and a host of others- Anna Reyes our Ap/PA mama-papa and everything in between!

For crews we had Ben Rus Pascual, Val Ceunca (mild mannered clark kent type- put a camera on his shoulder it’s superman!, ) Rowell Pascual. Jimmy Incarnacion, Isagani Taotao and who could forget Rudy Yuggumyugum (casenova of the bat cave!) anyhow all the shooters are now legends.

The reporters who came through the ranks include Maan Macapagal, Jay Ruiz and others… I’ll do another blog on SRG in the days ahead.

I later went on to the weekend news as a reporter- then ASYM as anchor/news producer- then the desk. Teen ANC- then FREEDOM!!!! or freelance freedom (ergo I do a lot of stuff for free like this blog!)

But in all that time I watched from a afar- (sound scoring 70’s song: “my eyes adored you…” ) the PCIJ gang. they always seemed to have so much fun and have fun with controversy. Anyhow – we were not in competition – ABS-CBN bought a lot of stuff from PCIJ as did othr networks.

I often wished ABS-CBN had set up SRG in the same way. But anyhow… our group had to function in a corporate set-up with-in a environment of some of just 10 people within a huge news organization of over 3,000 employee’s and talents.

in comparison – PCIJ seemed fast, nimble, and, innovative.

Anyhow – PCIJ’s Sheila Coronel was always a fun interview- its sad shes leaving in a way , she led the way or followed similar paths that our corporate masters allowed us to – in the “Big Leagues” of network TV.

But with her going to Columbia it leads me to predict that in the months ahead the Columbia ‘U’ based “Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism.” ; knowing Sheila’s rep will most likely bring exposes in the that may lead to Bush’s impeachment! hehehehe…

Oh well… she’s done it here why not there in America>

and so – New york watch out… Sheila’s coming to town! Bon Voyage!

[]…Sheila Coronel leaves PCIJ

Sheila Coronel, the indefatigable executive director of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, has quit the center and moved to New York to teach at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia. She explains here her decision to leave. The question now is: Will the PCIJ be the same without Sheila, or will Sheila be the same outside the PCIJ? Abangan! …[]


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