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It’s been a week long break for me from this blog- not by choice mind you – the long break has been both work and technology problem related.

Also factor in – “Milenyo, the Laotian word for elephant, is the 10th typhoon this season, and the strongest to hit Manila in 11 years.” – Milenyo if I am not mistaken is also the Tagalog word for Millenium – but I could be wrong – indeed it felt like being in the last millenuem – no lights, phone, web, and only my little wind up and pump based hand power dynamo flash lights- neat little things really – til you have to crank and pump them time and agian.

Anyhow – people are still cleaning and clearing up – power is up and running the web is back and lets hope for the best as people slowly take stock of the losses and damage wrought by this storm.

An amazing sight for me, was saturday, seeing the ELII communications center building near where I live and where I used to work – out of power.

It amazes me that a building named after a major developer of electrical service in this country and when built designed to be the most modern most advanced and most redundant building in the Philippines – could actually fail to provide its tenants with power.

Call center workers were croweded in the lobby – most complaining they could not see what they were doing or being able to move around in the dark because the emergency lights had failed.

The lobby shop area – the loop was dark too.

In the days I worked there-  if something like that happened – heads would roll – people would be fired on the spot.

Every available rentable generator rented and hooked up. Even the basement parking was dark.

No emergency lights left with enough battery power? That’s  strange in of itself.

The call center side of the building has been the bright spot for the corporation – bringing in people – sales and cashflow.  That services to them were less than normal seems absurd –  but then again after the ‘Ketchsup’ gang hit that place worse than any storm what else can one expect? Looks like they need another revamp to deal with the effects of the last revamp!
So while other tech centers even some shopping malls had pwer and ope n dooors even at the hieght of the storm – the one place you would expect to be a beacon of light – was dark – except for the executive floors – and the fancy dining room. Which I saw had light the night before.
In the decade or so I worked there, I never saw that – even through coups, calamities, and, and much worse disasters. one wonders who is charge and what damage the restructuring has caused. sitting at Starbucs – many of the foreign executives who had located there were complaining – while talking on cell phones to the cunterpart firms based in other places who had power – like in Eastwood and Ortigas – where there was power.
But this blog too was bogged down problems were mostly with bandwidth problems of my ISP that for a time left my formerly 1mbps connection slowed to trickle of less than 20 kpbs – the ISP I use I understand had been linking to the main web via a Thai company and the recent coup there caused some ‘problems’ for subscribers.

Hence- while I was able to surf and view and download at high speed – the high amount of bandwidth being used and uploaded via the Thailand ISP T3 provider for my Philippine ISP, so for some reason had clogged the web upwards for my little pipeline out and up.

Anyhow – problem solved – or so I hope went through a rough last three days without or with limited power and web access thanks to the ‘typhoon mylenio’ – as well. So in all a week has gone by almost with an update. Ah yes… it is good to back.

And now the news I think people will look at in the days ahead…

It’s going to be rough time for smokers ‘down under’ at of all places the Australian department of tourism, when new rules make it a violation of ‘time rules’ for taking smoking breaks.

[] … “Aussie agency bans cigarette breaks Australia’s Department of Tourism, Industry and Resources has banned cigarette breaks, forcing nicotine-addicted workers to wait until lunchtime. …. []

So while my little break has had nothing to do with nicotine… the thing above might be seen more and more in many government an private companies.

Good in a way – bad if like me you smoke!


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