North Korea: Nuke test announcement

October 3, 2006 at 11:51 pm Leave a comment

North Korea says it will undertake a nuclear arms test. Not a major shock – most of the scientific world says the North has had the bomb since 2002 – albeit only one or two atomic models – high blast low yield weapons similar to the 1940’s atom bomb.

In a way considering sudden and unexpected missile tests – It was nice of Pyongyang to announce it in advance as opposed to spooking the whole world into thinking something else was up – but now with the news out in the marketplace of global ideas expect a lot of spin in all directions.

But a nuclear armed North Korea is something that is more or less an accepted concept.

What neighbors like the worlds only nation to have been attacked by Nuclear weapons Japan will do – and also – major nuclear powers The USA, China, and Russia will do is something of concern. Most US ‘special’ weapons systems in the region are based at sea – a few on US soil in US territories and its Pacific States both Island and coastal. 

Some suspect India and Pakistan as well as France and Great Britain will all seek to  not to mention the other half of Korea the South will do is up to much speculation.

A number of nations around the globe can easily build and develop their own weapons like the North – most of those are here in Asia – Japan some estimate could build a bomb in weeks, but, political opinion is very much against it.  Excepts from BBCNews report

 []”… The move would “bolster” the country’s self-defence in the face of US military hostility, official agency KCNA said. Pyongyang has faced mounting international pressure over its nuclear programme, and in July was condemned by the UN for test-launching missiles. The news has been condemned by the US, Japan, South Korea and Russia – all members of the six-nation talks. …” []

[] “… The US state department said any nuclear test would further isolate the North Korean regime and said the US would work with allies to discourage “such a reckless action”.North Korea gave no time-frame for a test, but correspondents say a successful nuclear trial would signal the end of international negotiations on the North’s nuclear ambitions, and threaten a dangerous arms race in East Asia. …” []

Taiwan has long been suspected of having at least the technological know how if not the devices themselves. South Korea – could – if it wanted easily build the same – the field in the Asia Pacific capable but feeling secure enough  not to want a Nuke WMD include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia are among those who could if they wanted.

North Korea’s actions are certainly going to bolster the arms race in the region. Like it or not many other regional economic powers might be if not balance the field – at least be capable to deal with any threat independently and be better aware of what many fear could be the start of a new arms race anew in Asia.


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