Jolo fighting: Dulamtin wife and 2 children arrested

October 5, 2006 at 10:24 pm Leave a comment

The report ‘Arrest’ or ‘detention’ of the wife of a accused terrorist – is something of strange development in the war vs. terrorists in Jolo.

[] ….Philippines arrests wife of Bali bomb suspect
Reuters – The Philippines believes Estidia Pitono’s husband, Dulmatin, is sheltering with fellow suspect Umar Patek among the Abu Sayyaf group, ....” []

If as the Philippine military says in interviews she is part and parcel of her husbands work – then – it is a valid arrest But, wait – I am sure it will only be mater of hours before someone petitions the commission of human rights.

Or the activists rights groups – many of those groups members active on Jolo claim a de facto martial law exists there. It is after all a combat zone with large scale battles going on daily. It is rough life there… I have lost one of the few good friends I know and trusted in uniform last year near Patikul.

But reading the headlines – Questions I suspect will shortly be raised as to the legal basis for the arrest of the woman – who – it appears; does not have a warrant or charge issued for her arrest.

Albeit the Military says she has no paperwork and is reportedly from Indonesia. Ergo- a immigration violation – her two children also have been ‘detained’. Not even in Afghanistan so far has single leader of al qaeda had family members detained. While a move within legal grounds – as per military media statements.

I suspect security precautions have been taken to prevent reprisals – not only in the country but in Jakarta as well. JI’s Dulamtin was accused of involvement in the Christmas Day bombings long before Bali in 2000 as well as his role along with the late Fathur Roman al Ghozi – of bombing the Philippines ambassadors residence there in the ealry attacks of Jemaah Islamiah.

While legal – This is crossing over into very dangerous ground – as reprisals could seen as likely towards the families of those in Government or their children.

So – while a somewhat innovative approach – it also is sign of utter frustration of those in charge of the pursuit of this man- Or if she has ‘come in’ or ‘surrendered’. There are ten million dollar reasons she may have suddenly been arrested or come in from the harsh life she is likely facing as a spouse of the Southern Philippines most wanted man.

But considering the ‘bride kidnap’ activities of the group Dalmatian is with the Abu Sayyaf – one wonders if the headline is wrong and the story is that police or the military rescued her and are calling it arrest to avoid some sort of retribution or retaliation versus the woman herself or her family.

Based on interviews I did with former hostages of the ASG- it is often said that – Women kidnapped by the ASG – often if unmarried are forced to marry their captors; released after living virtual servitude to their husbands and often only released at times after becoming pregnant.

But – Does this mean Dulatin’s $10 reward is conjugal property too?

[] “…Wife of JI operative captured by troops in Jolo
Bali bomber’s wife ‘held in Jolo’ BBC News
Wife of Bali bomb suspect nabbed Gulf News … “[]


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