North Korea tests nukes… so now we know:

October 10, 2006 at 2:24 am 3 comments

Not so much of suprise and expected since the announcement they made a week ago but North Korea has joined the N-club. Well at least it split the atom underground and didn’t go for mushroom cloud effect of  above ground test.

North Korea says conducted nuclear test...
Wants Congratulations...
Low power, conducted in mountain tunnel...
May conduct another...
Ambassador: N Korean attack on South Korea, Japan would be attack on USA..
Japan sends aircraft to monitor radiation levels...
Iran Blames USA...
Bush: 'The international community will respond'...
'Historic event'...
China condemns...
Hiroshima Mayor 'Great Anger'...
Israel 'cause for concern'...
South Korea 'suspends aid shipment'...

Although still one wonders what the imapct will be in a few months and weeks – China might not be too happy with the former client state of thier now having the same big bomb they have had for many years. One thing is clear though if the North hopes to gian more respect from the owrld for its latest feat- the oposite has happened.

It has been well known for almost the last three years that North Korea has had the bomb parts and assembly capability – a crube device – but powerful enough to generate a 4.2 magnitude ground blast wave in Japan.

So far – the threat of what come next is something we all wonder about- the Nokor’s have the bomb – and all the diplomatic efforts to make it not happen has proved little more than talk – what comes next is on everyone’s mind.

Watching CNN – or the BBC – or any major intenrational news network in this part of the world within reach of North Korean missles – the top story on local TV was not the Northern ‘blast’ but more localized stuff.

The US, Russia, and, China – has several thousand weapons – hundreds more bombs for Israel, France, India, Pakistan – the UK’s nukes – are theirs in name only since they store them on US military bases. So the world wonders.
Still – knowing is better than guessing afterall is said and done.  Remember South Africa? they dismantled thier Bomb program and an estimated 20 devices or did they?

So – who really knows.


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  • 1. velvethammer  |  October 11, 2006 at 8:53 am

    I’m new at blogging and am not sure how to handle this. But are you aware of the fact that this blog post is linked here:
    I found out through Technorati.
    I am linked there as well, and although like I said I am new at this, It just doesn’t sit right with me.The so called ” Freedom of speech Blog” is a blog within many blogs.
    And they all have “ADS by Umax” on them.

    One of the blogs(?) even contain porn references/links.
    Wondering if it is above board and we just have to ignore the fact. But if not, is there anything that can be done. Is this person highjacking ours and others blog posts in order to draw traffic towards his spam(?)
    Please forgive for posting this as a comment. But I though that you might like to know.

    I’m just really confused.

  • 2. mikeinmanila  |  October 12, 2006 at 2:37 am

    Hi velvethammer
    I answered you via email – its quite common really – people link to other people all the time. But in this case thr blog you mentioned is nothing more than a collection of blog posts.

    With an advert tagged on- purely for the benifit for that blogs creator.

    But – in a way it does help those linked to those ‘posts hoggers’ though by increasing stat s on over number of hits and blogs linked.

  • 3. velvethammer  |  October 12, 2006 at 5:57 am

    I have received the e-mail, thank you very much for taking the time.

    Wonderful blog entry by the way.


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