“Who is Dulmatin why a $10 million dollar reward?”

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A question I got on the ‘phoner’ while doing a phone patch report abroad on the recent bombings spree of four bombs in two days in Mindanao. Stood out – when a News anchor asked me ‘ Who is Dulmatin and why is the American taxpayer going to pay $10 Million dollars for his capture,. arrest or death” below is the answer Ii would have given if I had the time.
I called around and found many different answers to the question. Who was he – who is he with – and what is he up to now that I try to put an answer to for others with the same question – the answer is he is now the Zarkawi of Asia. Dulmatin – has risen from bomb maker – to strategist – to filed general of Jemaah Islamiah in the Southern Philippines.

Why is this man wanted so badly on the anniversary of the bombings in Bali as I write this lets try and take stock of who this man was, is, and what he is in the eyes of authorities per published reports.

according to a counter terrorism database this is his past – “ A al qaeda trained bomb maker who rose from the ranks within Jemaah Islamiah – from a wealthy family – yet drawn to Islamic militancy and he attended what many in the west describe as the ‘MIT’ of bomb-making a small Kandahar camp in Afghanistan where Al Qaeda had set up ‘Jihadi University’ where most of the top regional leaders trained or so reports like this one say:

[] “… Dulmatin, an Indonesian native, was born in Central Java in 1970. Although he had only limited formal scientific schooling, he developed significant bomb-making and electronics skills. Dulmatin was a student activist on his Central Javanese university campus. Coming from a well-to-do family, he dropped out of the university after being drawn into extremist teachings at al-Mukmin, the religious boarding school established by JI founders Abdullah Sungkar and Abu Bakar Ba’asyir (also known as Abu Bakar Bashir). With his keenness for electronics, it was only natural that he developed an interest in making bombs, and he forged a natural affiliation with JI’s top bomb-maker, Dr. Azahari bin Husin (killed in a raid by Indonesian authorities in October 2005), whom he saw as “a father figure.” He was later trained in al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan in the late-1990s. …” []

In some media reports he is called a JI bomber or Bali bomber- he was and is reportedly much more He was the understudy to a JI master arms and munitions expert Dr. Azahari – he helped with one of the most complex terror attacks little reported in the west.

The Christmas eve bombings of Indonesia where over three dozen bombs went off at Christian churches in 2000 – among the targets the Philippine ambassadors residence in Jakarta, On top of that the major ‘feats’ as it where — include both the Bali & JW Marriott hotel bombings. The JW Marriott bombing – lost JI a lot of its support base- because of the scores of victims the vast majority were Indonesians, Dulmatin allegedly is mentioned in nearly as the reports and investigation reports in Bali.

[]…” As Azahari’s protégé, Dulmatin was involved in constructing JI’s first bombs in 2000, as well as the Bali and JW Marriott bombs. The indictment of other Bali bombers made clear that Dulmatin was involved in almost every stage of the attack, from the planning to the actual bomb-making. In a September 2002 meeting, Mukhlas (the supposed mastermind of the Bali attack) also gave Dulmatin 20 million rupiah ($1,300) for bomb components….”[]

As I mentioned earlier the JI attack on the JW Marriot hotel changed attitudes in Indonesia. It also split JI itself per reports with many moderate supporters already upset over Bali – and – it also brought widespread support versus extremists.

Dulmatin alonmg with others – “Umar Patek, Zulkifli bin Hir and possibly Abdul Rahman Ayub” fled to the Philippines – to set up new training camps and work out of lawless or remote areas in Mindanao.

JW Marriot and the later Australian Embassy bombings killed scores of Indonesians – mostly Moslems – thus across the spectrum- Muslim groups protested the attacks and some moderate groups who at first were sympathetic not formally part of JI withdrew support withdrew all support- claiming the attacks was senseless wholesale violence.

[]…” Dulmatin fled to Mindanao in the southern Philippines soon after the August 2003 bombing of the JW Marriott in Jakarta. There, he is one of four top JI leaders—including Umar Patek, Zulkifli bin Hir and possibly Abdul Rahman Ayub—who have continued to train members of JI and the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in (rougue) Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) camps in the Philippines…”.[]

Dulmatin is credited per reports to renewed bombings across the country and allegedly not limited to the ASG – but other groups like RSM and the HKT – the RSM or Rajah Soliman Movement is made up for converts whose one day valentines day bombing hit at three points across the country with-in minutes of each other.

The Kalahid Trinidad Brigade – HKT aka Hukbong Kalahid Trinidad- is also made up of converts – per reports It too was part of a plot to assemble at least three car bombs using claymore mines – wired into three vehicles which were intercepted when a car repair shop owner in Talavera Nueva Ejcia – noticed the repairs being done to three vehicles included placing what his customers called speakers facing the street – the Indonesians forgot – English is one of the Philippines national languages- when workmen saw FACE TOWARDS ENEMY on the Claymore mines – in an instant they knew what they were. Police were called and that cell was shut down, the HKT or Hukbung Kalahid Trinidad though is even a more interesting group since it is made up of converts – who were rebel returnees.

[]…” His (Dulmatins0 presence has in part explained the ASG’s return to terrorism since 2004. He was the target of Philippines Armed Forces bombing raids in the Liguasan Marsh area in November 2004 and January 2005, where a hard-line-member of MILF was believed to have given him sanctuary….” []

Dulmatin and his three alleged fellow JI members with him in Mindanao – Umar Patek, Zulkifli bin Hir and possibly Abdul Rahman Ayub – are reportedly planning to import suicide bombers for missions from Indonesia to target the 80% Christian majority in the Philippines.

[]”… In 2005, Dulmatin and Umar Patek ordered Abdullah Sonata, a JI operative in Central Java who was arrested in conjunction with the September 4, 2004 Australian Embassy bombing, to dispatch additional JI members to Mindanao for training. He has also called for JI suicide bombers to be sent to the Philippines for operations. …” []

The answer at length – what went out over the air on a News network was told in less than 10 seconds:

“He’s one the guys with the bombs – who is hiding out with the Abu Sayyaf kidnappers and bandits in mindanao trying to sow more terror in the Southern Philippines.”


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