Gallup:Democrats have edge on the terrorism & morality issues

October 15, 2006 at 4:25 pm Leave a comment

Well, it was expected to be others areas where the Democrats would have gains in the lead up to congressional elections.

But- for the first time, the Democrats have an edge on the issue of terrorism and yes- unbelievable as it seems to a party leadership filled with scandals of the not so recent past – the Dems have Morality on their side too!

Amazing, Political perception is seen often from events that occur and how the events are reported and presented. Hence the Foley Follies – took away much of the credible high ground the administraition party had – by not acting swiftly enough.
It looks like tough times ahead for the White House too, Bouyed new strength in poll numbers; some circles of Democratic power are already looking closely at races and among the things being brought forth are issues like accountability and a possibility of raising numbers of votes towards things like impeachment and indictments in a Democratic majority house. At issue – irony – lies told on the war path to war in Iraq.

A fast paced action plan is reportedly, also in place, to seek accountability for mistakes down the line and attempt to grasp back more congressional control of actions in Iraq and elsewhere to full oversight and consultation with congress. But first the democrats would have to win. In such a situation facing it the republican party – now is facing more than just miderms for congress but an issue of it’s ability to still represent a constituent base that by recent events seems to feel increasinlgy betrayed.

After nearly six years and a almost no end in sight to a growing conflict – perhaps it is time indeed for a change at helm of the ship of congress – at least – and perhaps- even the entire ship of state.

Which at least in Political terms, seems to keep running aground. Clearly i the least, new minds are needed to seek a clear relevant end to this conflict that is diverting so much of American resources and attention from many other non-security issues like immigration and trade related issues.

As horrible as the threat of terrorism and the danger of new attacks -are- has by giving it so much focus, has the USA given rise to a bigger foe than just this extremist criminal murderers who hijacked a religion in a lust for power they have in the middle east?

Some analysts see that while one organization has indeed been cut off- the orignal al qaeda – the new spin-off’s and copycats across the globe seem emboldened to emulate and create a larger more dangerous foe for the future. I.E. Iraqi and foreign fighters in that conflict- the Opium financed and backed Taliban – creating a narco-funded fundamentalist group. These are long term issues though – perhaps just one opinion.

Yet a issue not discussed – as all sides rush to find politcal issues to hang on or make voters see themselves as best for the country at is now somewhat divided on issues to a point where politcal actors are plaing on a dangerous stage using issues they may indeed not have better answers to than anyone currently in place, really.

It is far fetched to see Impeachment talks going ay further than talk – I heard this while I was Nevada – that control of both houses of congress was high on the democratic agenda and impeachments and graft issues surrounding reconstruction expenses – were planned to be raised by – if indeed the numbers stay as they are – a Democratic majority house and US senate.

So as even the benchmarks that were strong areas of support for the Bush administration security and morality – fall to the other party in the USA one wonders what next comes if poll numbers hold through,

Ironically – a major influence on the US elections and preservation or removal of the Bush administrations republican allies in congress to stay in power lies in two groups – Iraqi insurgents and with Al Qaeda.

If some form of normalcy returns to Iraq in the next few months and some stability is restored – then the Democrats might have a tougher time with war and violence less of an issue. With Al Qaeda – if attacks take place on the USA – or major attacks happen around the world then – the Democrats position would be ironically strengthened. As failure to prevent such activities would be blamed on the Bush republicans in part.

Al Qaeda knows all too well how to use terror to influence elections carrying out attacks in Madrid days before Spanish parliamentary votes. influencing voters towards a more pacifist movement in place.

If Al Q attacks – and scores a major blow – the position of the democrats would be strengthened even if the battle cry they had when in power was get Osama – but a democratic majority – instead – focused more on economic issues and other concerns.

It is hard to call this early what the impact would be on if terrorism were to wave its ugly head and become an issue.

On the Morality side of things – so long as – Jay Leno’s advice is heeded – and they lock up the Kennedy’s till election day – the democrats seem destined to sweep control of congress back to their fold.

Lastly – politics or political parties are meaningless to who wins or ends this current war or conflict it is driven by issues far from the US political spectrum. But indeed; one might see a more divided Washington than it even is today. Which to some at least is good – for when Political hawks and doves are at each other on issues usually a better government is seen in DC. Because as designed by the framers of the U.S. constitution, each branch watches the other closer and is less lenient of mistakes?

But putting things into perspective; it doesn’t matter who is in congress and or the white house really – those against America will try and attack it regardless of political color and no terror attack or rogue state actions vs. the USA has ever come because of domestic political concerns.



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