Arnold: He’ll be back in Sacramento!

October 16, 2006 at 2:18 pm Leave a comment

The Governator seems to be performing well in media and elsewhere and if all things go as the Polls predict- Arnold will be back for a second term in California.

The very influentail LA times has in an editorial endorsed Arnie for re-election – something a little unexpected. But the LA times is afterall Hollywoods paper!
Arnold has also been adept at showing the way to others in the republican party by sticking to his own court and issues and making people see him as what he is – the Governor of California- a man trying to give service back to the people he became a part of as a young mussle builder on a beach who did good – went on to Hollywood – and lets face it lives the California dream.

[] “…The state of California under Phil
San Mateo County Times –DEMOCRAT PHIL ANGELIDES says his California would be kinder to its working families, more generous to its students and more welcoming to its immigrants, all while keeping its books in the black.
LA Times endorses Arnie for second term Peninsula On-line
Voters offered ‘three’ governor candidates Ventura County Star …” []

On the othr hnd Phil Angelides (who?) is trying to bring things back to terra firma and blance the book be good to families and make the students happy. All good things – but -this is the land of Hollywood – and – in a state where dreams are made or broken – the democrats cast the wrong man to fight a ‘Action Hero’.

Arnold is California – in many ways – the place people come to make things happen and live out the dreams and make the grade and become well… Hollywood. Phil may be a nice man, have better management skills, and more of the good government image but he is not MTV, CNN, ESPN, E! material sorry Phil – you were cast as a pansy – a poser perhaps – maybe if the governator screws up big time between now and election day you might get a break.

But like surfers know – when you are on wave and its cruising toward the beach and a rip tide can be seen pulling you in another direction – you go with the current and let it take you home to the bade on the blanket blanket Dude – sorry – but this wave seems to headed to mussle beach.

There is a geek factor for Phil- the sap factor too – the poor guy seems to have been setup to be a credible fight in forgone conclusion. So barring no major problems ahead.

Arnold and the Star set may still be in Sacramento for some time to come. Like I said- he’ll be back for another term. In a time of despair and depression many people are oging through with war, immigration problems, job issues, and a general lack of inspiring leadership – people will take any hero they can get.

Even a one from tinsle town. Who hasn’t done all that bad really…


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