Philippines: UK Terror Alerts & warnings still set at ‘high’

October 18, 2006 at 2:09 pm Leave a comment

 I sometimes wonder why the UK still has set on ‘high’ the terror alert structure for the Philippines while not so much as peep on Thailand or even Sri Lanka – one wonders what gives ? What do they know or is someone at the UK embassy here trying to keep the in-laws away for the holidays?

In the last two years  – Thailand has had some 400 bombings and 400 arson attacks and 1,500 people killed – some near the very high end resorts of the Pathaya region.

Hambali south east Asia’s al qaeda chief was caught in a Bangkok suburb – and Thai police foiled a dirty bomb plot – right in the heart of the Thai capitol – yet- no similar warnings exist for Thailand,

One must also remember that southern Thailand’s insurgents are of the same mettle of the local extremists – radicalized – by the RM or Rambatatul Mujahadin that sent hundreds across Asia to extremest camps in Afghanistan.

While they have yet to attack or target tourists or foreigners in Thailand like the attack plots that are feared here. One wonders why the UK is so hard on Manila.
There are some estimates say – some 20,000 UK subjects who live here year round. The sudden upsurge of alerts does nothing to make them feel anything but puzzled. Whats up and why is the common reaction.

In fairness to the Philippines, London’s paranoia may be actually partly blamed on some – not all of the locally based journalists who work for UK media organizations.

[]”…Britain issues Philippines travel warning
Taipei Times, Taiwan – warned yesterday that terrorists may be in the final stages of plotting more attacks after a series of bombings in the southern Philippines, and advised its
Britons warned of Philippine attack fear The Herald
Britain says terrorists may be in final stages of planning attacks International Herald Tribune
UK warns of terror attacks in Philippines  …”[]

Overall some fifty thousand UK subjects visit manila yearly without incidents – most are purely here as tourists to enjoy the beaches and natural wonders.

Then there are those who head to the local pubs-cum-brothels run ironically by British and Irish human traffickers north of Manila. Funny I have never seen the UK mission so much as issue a warning or make a single serrious effort to crack down on their own up there.

But as many see it – with all the diplomatic plates parked near the brothel district- quite a number of which have UK or Manchester united stickers – one clearly knows the answer. But perhaps that where the brits interligence is gathered?


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