US Homeshoring to replace ‘BPO Outsourcing?’

November 21, 2006 at 7:38 pm Leave a comment

Here’s a reason for many in the current Philippine and Indian BPO boom industry to demand local telecoms to build better a Internet infrastructure  to homes and communities. many in the US congress have been seeking to get many of the outsourced jobs back onto US shores – a scheme is being studied to give incentives to those who bring the jobs back. But- there will still be outsourcing – although it won’t be the same.

[]...” The trend is called “homeshoring,” a play on “offshoring,” the practice of sending call-center work abroad. Offshoring was in full flower a few years ago: The United States lost 250,000 call-center jobs to India and the Philippines between 2001 and 2003, according to Technology Marketing Corp.
But new technology, specifically VoIP, or voice-over-Internet protocol, which allows calls and data to be channeled over the Internet, has helped reverse the trend. An analysis by the nonprofit Call Centers Association found that the United States gained more than 40,000 call-center positions in the last four years, in some cases because employers weren’t satisfied with the quality of the work done overseas. The technology research firm IDC estimates there are now about 130,000 home-based customer service agents in this country, a number that is expected to pass 300,000 in 2010….”
[] “Some Jobs Are Coming Back”

Outsourcing has had a negative impact in the US economy with scores of jobs going overseas. Leading to a higher under-employment rate and more jobs being sent abroad  something the now majority democrats hope to counteract and get jobs outsourced back to American shores. How? since the economic costs of doing so would be counter productive to the US economy.

The answer- by telecomuting and viop and cutting other costs and dealing with home based business across the USA.

Homeshoring – allowing people to work from home means lowr wages, less interpersonal time, and piecemeal rates that reward the skilled and weed out the lazy. keeping costs down and people employed.

So how can outsourcing companies compete? well – if Philippine based firms can tap into the homeshorers – offer them to ‘help with workload and working together make everyone happy. Homeshorers could manage ten to fifty individual off-shorers. hence – by networking and improving the web levels the homes could be new financial centers of the business process industry.


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