strange story: Osama’s gang goes Indie to visit Manila?

November 24, 2006 at 10:40 pm Leave a comment

I have often seen strange stories coming out of this part of the globe but this one is one for the list of the strangest – while checking on a fugitive I heard there was major Philippine Justice Department investigation underway in Manila.

The reason it seems on Aug 9th ten members of major faction of al qaeda slipped into the country – using – forged or real visa’s and Indian passports.

the report which came out on Philippine TV – and later was confirmed by the Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales – reads like a Reuters odds and ends story.

It seems a group of men – ten of them – all high ranking emissaries of the Al Qaeda leader slipped into the country and may be in Mindanao. Ok- its happened before but that was pre-911 … so considering one can barely rent a car here without three different pieces of ID or go even into a seven eleven or some fast food joints without a pat down check and bag inspection.

It amazes me how simply it was done. If reports are to be believed – and assuming since there is a major investigation and several dozen high officials being grilled not only by local but international groups – the thing is possible – after-all fake or foraged or real and bought Identification is always a problem anywhere in the world.

But this one was strange considering the internal and social issues of Afghans and Pakistani’s posing as Indians alone being a new concern. The group is believed to be partly the reason why the local cells have gone silent. waiting perhaps for this new group to come into the country.

But, if indeed not one but ten – high profile Al Q people are in the country and have no record of leaving one wonders what is up or in the works and the obvious reasons why the information is being leaked. Perhaps in the hopes of foiling by exposure whatever the group is planning or thinking. However – it is something worth looking at further if these guys got in… Who else is here?

the report :

[]”…  Suspected Osama bin Laden allies enter Philippines with fake visas
People’s Daily Online, China – 2 hours ago
Suspected allies of international terrorist leader Osama bin Laden were able to enter the Philippines using fake visas and other forged travel documents … ” [] 


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