Hillary & Harry: PACOM chief said what ?!?

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The buzz…

In a pair of unrelated reactions to some post I put up I got this report- that I am still digging for more information on- anyway…

here goes a beltway angle to the ‘Subic case’…. now it has become stranger.

The report I got – from a very – very good source is this who alleges:

Senators Harry Reid of Nevada and Senator Hillary Clinton’s office have reporedlty communicated with US military commanders and the US Embassy in Manila seeking immediate clarification on the sudden end to ‘ military exercises’ in the Philippines on the basis of the failure to hand over a Marine convicted of rape.

This comes amidst concern over a massacre allegation in Iraq, a shooting probe in afghnistan, a reported rise in the number of combat sucides, and more intrigue on how a US counter terrorim operative lost $68,000 at a manila casino.

It is not so much on the issue of what happened but – what is being called into commitee level probes for next year in the US are … a number of rising improprieties that have happened in the conduct of not only the war in Iraq – but the War o Terror as well.

The buzz I’m hearing from Washington is that both the poltical heavy weights are looking to dig deeper into this case amidst reports that the US Military commander on his own is threatening to stop aid programs to the Philippines because of the legal delays.

A move niether Reid – whose district covers areas with huge Asian American communities among them a large number of Filipino – Amricans and Hillary… well.. lets just say it’s a ‘thing and topic’ she is concerned about.

A source at Sen. Clinton’s office – says they want to know why all of a sudden after PACOM officials worked so hard to defend the need for funding for continuing projects in the Philippines. While the custody issue is indeed a concern for Political groups in the US the issue I am told being questioned is Adm. Fallon’s making civilian foreign policy issues.

It’s something the suite in Washintgton never like – when a military commander suddenly sought to end all ties because of a delay on a motions filed in court over simple custody concern both countries have esentailly agreed to.

Currently the matter is still pending in the Philippine court of appeals. So what gives? Most likely some see it as calculated manuever by Fallon – who is well aware the legal eagles are moving everything to make things happen – and – if it is granted in the eyes of some he might have been seen as having taken an initaitive that led to an outcome his actions have nothing really to do with.

I was told a copy of the motion filed by The Philippine government has been presented to the members of the U S Senaste’s foreign relations and defense committees – which shows the Philippine governments efforts have been in fact. ‘complicated’ by actions taken by legal councils hired through the state department for the convicted Marine. Or as told to me by a US Senate source – the Embassy, PACOM, and local legal staff have been at odds over the best route to pursue for transfer of custody.

‘Hundreds of Filipino and 14 American lives have been lost in the fighting in Mindanao – since 9-11’ – a staffer in Sen. Harry Reids office told reporters I spoke with late last night by phone from Manila. ‘This case is in the courts, and, that is the venue for this sensitive matter not the media and certainly not in the New York Times – Admiral Fallon should have learned from his own problems at Tailhook.’

looks like an interesting story but it is still – developing….


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