Al Jazeera on Destiny Cable in Manila

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Well – it has long been expected and DVD’s of the shows have long been on sale in side streets of the country. But tonight – Al Jazeera English was on a local cable provider in the Philippines capitol of Manila.

A bit of Irony in the choice of channel selection made by local cable network – Destiny cable – it occupies the former slot of Fox News – which jumped ship in favor of another cable service provider that agreed to carry them only on a premiere service at a higher subscription rate.

But losing the world’s fourth largest English speaking audience in the process Fox says’ it is a domestic cable news service first – and everything else is ‘spillover’. Yet they do have a major presence on Indian cable households because of the demand by call centers for the service’s accent and tone. Also Fox is a sample of general

Al Jazeer’s service seems to be testing the waters here strongly. The have a full bureau here – although I have not seen anything from them tonight. Perhaps in the days ahead.

After Fox left – Destiny carried on the slot free to air Voice of America channel. So it is not a sudden shift from Fox to Al Jazeera but rather a shift from US government VOA TV to Al Jazeera – although the cable network seems to saving a slot for it elsewhere.

It was funny doing an interview today with a ‘official source on conditions of anonymity’ at the US embassy – that they ‘did not think the channel assignment had anything to do with the Smith case…” ok… even that gets speculated on.

VOA News was nice because it showed CSPAN and live feeds from Washington –

I think destiny cable will bring it back somewhere else on the 100 something channels they offer . VOA also carried PBS newscasts – whose hosts make Al Jazeera’s most critical commentary of the US seem almost tame.

I must say the English language channel has a great visual appeal – and – does offer a different viewpoint. The don’t seems to put too much clutter on the screen, full screen images and not overly oppressive graphics. Plus clear pictures. Also not a lot of sugar coating – the pictures are clear.

Story wise – it seems no different from any other International news channel albeit the editorial context is from the Arab region – and – emphasis is on getting news from that perspective and viewpoint – but none of overly critical bashing or drubbing beyond the norm.

Top story is about Gang violence in Brazil – also – comments on the Saddam execution video. The fallout and perspective from the region. Nice to get it first hand.

The downstream graphics is not a crawl across the scene but a steady twelve second hold and well written headlines many other networks could learn from.


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