Subic Rape Case: Adm Fallon gets promotion in part for Smith return to US custody?

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Sometimes even the ultra liberal NY Times reads like jingoistic yellow journal worthy of William Randolph Hurst.

In the minds of it’s editors the case of the transfer of Daniel Smith by withholding aid to victims of a typhoon and cutting off support for counter terrorism programs not by a State Department official or elected leader but by ranking Military commander was justified.

An article in today’s NY Times, coming amidst increasing reports of allegations of abuse going unpunished by US troops across the fronts of the War on terror and in Iraq contends that Fallons actions were justified – because – “the Philippine Judge did not live up to treaty obligations and Fallon was protecting not Smith but ” all other US forces in the region.”

[]”… Admiral Fallon was on display last month when, as the senior American military officer in the Pacific, he took the unusual and punitive move of canceling a large annual field exercise with the Philippines over a local judge’s failure to honor the bilateral treaty governing protections for American military personnel. At the time, Admiral Fallon said he was not sitting in judgment of the guilt or innocence of a marine convicted of rape, but was protecting his forces by demanding that the Philippines adhere to legal obligations. … ” [] NY Times

While the case is still on appeal and is being reviewed in the original conviction- and it was evidence of the US Navy’s own NCIS that was crucial in the conviction of the accused.

Adm. Fallon- moved heaven and earth and even went to extent of stopping Santa Claus like gift giving at Christmastime for orphans by US troops to make sure the Arroyo Administration got the message that he was not pleased with the continued detention of the accused marine at the Makati city jail.

Even while insiders said the steps taken were ‘harsh’ and ‘extreme’ it was this in part say White House insiders that led his final selection as Iraq commander as he was not afriad to use hardball to deal with ‘pesky locals’ or so my White House source says from the Press Room there.

The Smith case is viewed differently in the U.S. – it is rarely mention that US Navy investigators not only took the stand nor that two of his acquitted co-accused were punished administratively by the US Navy nor that his Squad leader is facing a Court Martial as well.

So… that’s at least how some in the UD government view the situation over the custody issue and transfer – and the – view from the top is the key architect of the transfer who got the ob done by New Year has been rewarded for his actions with a promotion. Considering how sensitive the issue of abuse is in the middle east – in particular sexual abuse reports – one wonders if Fallons hardball tactics will work its wonders to make sure if future ‘scandals’ happen in the middle east US troops know they are getting a commander who will look out for them.

Well at least from the perspective of NY times – this is good thing.

I wonder why the times manila correspondent was not given an input line his editors – but then perhaps in the view of the times they don’t care too about pesky locals. Not even the us forces own Stars and Stripes newspaper which has been very fair in its coverage and commentary has taken the Op-Ed of the times.

But then Tom Shanker who wrote this article is not really known for checking beyond the Pentagon Press Room into facts of case before writing his copy. He wrote the piece on Fallons canceling aid and war games and threats of more in his earlier copy on this.

[]” Tensions Flare Over Custody In Rape Case In Philippines By THOM SHANKER

The commander of American forces in the Pacific announced Thursday that he had canceled a huge annual military exercise with the Philippines in a dispute over custody of a marine lance corporal convicted of raping a local woman. The commander, Adm. William J. Fallon, said he also would halt aid and reconstruction programs carried out by the American military in the Philippines until he was confident that the troops’ legal rights would be protected under bilateral agreements governing visitin…” []

No where in his copy does he discuss the ramifactions or thousands of cases of abuse filed versus American aservicemen in the Philippines that have never gone to court. But – then again I guess in his view of the world if its not happening in NYC its not happening – I do cover things for a rival of the times here and oftentimes wonder why the slant they take is the angle they get – but thats thier editorial line I guess.

See no evil…


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