New Apple Iphone not a ‘smartphone’: Apple ‘Idiot’ phone?

January 13, 2007 at 6:06 pm Leave a comment

At Macworld Steve Jobs announcement of the Apple Iphone seemed to be something Mac-o-files see as a another holy grail from Apple for Mac based users .

But reports both on wordpress and elsewhere seem to show the Ipod Phone is less than it is anticipated to be – but – people buy apple based stuff more ‘the prestige’ than for function or anything else.

Take for example the Ipod. There are scores of far better players and gear out there that could make better use of the forty or sixty gigabytes that apple has on its models. Or the Ibook intel dual core version. Which has had its own share of problems. But yet- people will save up for the sleek new gadget with the Apple logo even if there are numerous better and less expensive models.


[] “… Apple- iPhone Contains No Smartphone Features. Ramajay @ 10:46 am  ” Word from the CES floor is that the iPhone is not, and has no plans to be, part of the ‘Smartphone’ market, although the interface and featureset seem perfect for that. Apple has no Microsoft Office integration applications, so you can’t view or edit your Word or Excel files, view PDFs etc. on the phone. The phone is also First Party Software only. That means that although it uses OSX, Apple is not providing a platform for third party vendors to write applications for the iPhone. Anything you get will either come straight from Apple, or you won’t have it. This is a bit of a disappointment for those who were anticipating a slew of new OS X based apps for the phone, however this is in keeping with Apple’s general proprietary stance to its products. Roadwarriors hoping to integrate this phone into their business day will have to look elsewhere….” [] Ramajay @ WordPress

The brands out there are numerous, Dopood, O2, Sony Ericson, Motorola, Nokia offer far better user functionality. Treo and it’s palm based line also has add-ons that would make the Applt I-phone look like a sleek overpriced toy it really is.

But all things being personal in the Cell Phone-PDA phone market it is up to the user. If they have already bought into the digital library of Apple’s branded I-tunes AAC-MP3 and MP4 video platforms. Then the I-phone would make sense as it would allow integration to those platforms.

However, considering the world at large has a wide range of functions already available for the mobile worker. One wonders if Apple will buy off the racks of software companies for integration into other formatted documents, spreadsheets, and calenders available.

If it were up to me -The five megapixle Nokia N95 or the current Nokia N80 intenet edition, Dopod 800, Or the other numerous models from 02 or Sony Ericson like the P990l offer more value for money on the Symbian or MS Mobile OS.

But, I am sure the Apple I-Pod Phone will I am sure have its buyers of people who don’t want to be smart. Hence- Idiot phone it is… unless improvements are made to make it ‘Smart’.


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