Iraq Surge: Hearings telegraphing plans?

January 15, 2007 at 6:05 am Leave a comment


Watching CSPAN via VOA a little while ago as they were rebroadcasting thursdays hearing on the ‘surge’ coming in US troop numbers in Iraq. I can only wonder why so much was being detailed and discussed in public about tactics, dates, deployment plans, and more.

People I spoke with here in Manila while understanding the role the inquiry plays they seem to wonder why  people were broadcasting sensitive things such as places and plans in such a way that those in Iraq the “surge” is meant to deal with now know thanks to the very public broadcast hearings – the exact plans to be used in Iraq. Congress does have the right to know – of course. cap48.jpg

But telegraphing intent and laying those plans directly out  in the open in specific terms is almost something that will have almost surely an impact in the tactics and more interestingly  borders on aiding and abetting an enemy in time of war. Or it could be plan to make any plans moot – thus rendering them inoperable.

It also puts lives in danger in particular of the  servicemen from the Hawaii congressmembers district who enlist in large numbers. But they probably didn’t vote for him – anyway.
It would almost have been like laying out in a public hearing the full plans for D-Day or putting out in the open the Manhattan project or the island hopping plan-of Mac Arthur or letting Japan know the US knew how to read Japans wartime code. Albeit important that the peoples representatives have the right to know – broadcasting things down to plans and goals can only lead to more loss of lives – unless of course that is a congressional goal.

It is a way to force the White House to change it’s plans because everyone already knows exactly what is coming. But perhaps there is a plan B or C. Oh – yes there is – they are discussing those now!

Don’t worry unless the US congress holds these behind closed doors  – we’ll even know plan D-E-F by next week! Oh well…. at least CSPAN DBO subscriptions in the border regions of Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, and, Iran Will go up.

What was the saying in World War Two? Loose lips sink ships… loose talk loses lives – sometimes there is something to be said for ‘executive session hearings.’


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