’24’ to air episode of Nuclear attack on US soil -DRUDGE

January 16, 2007 at 3:40 am Leave a comment

Matt Drudge in his column on the drudge report says that the TV series 24 is working on a season opener that includes a episode that according to Drudge includes a nuclear explosion in a US City.

Considering the Port of Manila is part of a forward deployed area of detection just to prevent such a thing from happening with the very public deployment of nuclear and radioactive detection scanners here and in other major trans-shipment and forwarding ports in the Asia pacific region. The news of a TV show coming out with such a scenario will raise awareness. Hopefully more than just that – but also preparedness if anything like that ever were to occur.

Lessons learned from Huricane Katrina to other disaster and 9-11 show that a large urban US city  is the worst place for such things to happen. If something like the episode were to happen in multiple US cities it does make one wonder the possible scenarios and urban planning configurations meant to deal with these kinds of disasters may not be up to planning for the ‘unthinkable.’

Sun Jan 14 2007 18:14:34 ET
As Washington continues to raise concerns about terror threats on The Homeland -- a recent CIA report outlined a scenerio of possible "series of explosions using 'low charge' nuclear weapons" -- Hollywood and FOX-TV are set to up the ante with the new season of 24!
Few outside of the 24 set know the exact details of the new season unfolding, but studio sources claim producers are pushing hard to take it radioactive this time -- and keep it there.
"Time to wake the country up!" a top FOX source told the DRUDGE REPORT over the weekend. "I do not think there has ever been TV done like this, the viewer is going to be completely riveted."  ..." [] Drudge report

A TV show dramatization is often the best way to raise awareness – in particular something like what is on something as watched as ’24’ will perhaps awaken some urban centers into better planning.

Most people do need to be awakened – to things they do not want to think about perhaps the shows producers are doing the right thing here – be that what is hoped will never happen.  Anywere in the world. Even here in Asia where it actually did to two Japanese cities during World War II.

I am sure there will be debates and discussion – but in the end the highly popualr series will do its best to make the unimaginable good entertainment with a stlye it all to well known for. ’24’ is popualr in the Philippines several different channels carry the show aside from DVD sales. Replays and dubbed versions in Tagalog.


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